Tuesday, February 27, 2007

- Stitches West Information

So I've talked about how I went to Stitches West last weekend, on February 24, 2007. I wanted to take pictures, but they didn't allow pictures to be taken, sigh....

The convention center was huge and packed!!! I never knew so many people were into yarn. There were a TON of vendors, they were everywhere!!

What was really cool was that people everywhere were wearing things they'd made. I got soooo many ideas. The vendors also had knitted/crochet items all over. Everything was just beautiful. There were knitters of all ages, which was cool, and people walking around knitting as they looked.

I dragged some family members, who have no interest in knitting, to the convention, and even they were impressed. I do think they saw me drooling a few times. My mom still hasn't stopped talking about the beautiful Victorian lace she saw everywhere.

I now have so many knitty ideas running around my head I think I'm in trouble. Ever since Saturday I've been dreaming about yarn, it's kinda scary. Really that's all I've been dreaming about.

Now totally off the subject of yarn, tomorrow I am teaching my very first CPR class to my co-workers, and I'm kinda nervous. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!

Alright, well nothing more to say, except in the immortal words of Spider Robinson, "Shared pain is lessened; shared joy, increased — thus do we refute entropy."

Monday, February 26, 2007

- Yarn, yarn and....oh yeah, more yarn

As promised I now have pictures of the yarn I bought this weekend. These shots go out to my one dedicated (an obviously very bored reader) Jenn!! HA get it a shot out, damn I miss being young enough to care about Love Lines...

So notice the yarn,isn't it pretty?!? You know you want it. MUHAHAHAHAHA it's all wool, soft delicious, pretty wool, ohhhhh yeah....ok, there's some hemp in there too, and a book.

The book is thanks to some family friends who are much to nice to little 'ol me. I've been wanting the book for a while, but the $30 price tag was just a little much, but they gave it to me for Christmas. I know it's February, but I just got down to the Bay, so it's Christmas in February for me.

This stuff is the MMMMalibrigo, so soft, soooo soft. It knits up like butter that won't get you greasy when you wear it.

This stuff is from WEBS

The cat you ask? That's my mom's cat (Rowdy) but the rainbow sheets? Those are all mine. Jealous? I know you are. I used to have a bike that matched my sheets, banana seat and all.

I want to get some more of the hemp yarn, there's a shirt in Big Girl Knits that I want to make. I got the hemp from LanaKnits. They had a booth at Stitches West.

Ok, I'm done boring Jenn with things she already knows. So I'm "outy 5000"

Oh yeah, and HEROES ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

- My first post

Ok, this is my attempt at a blog. I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing, if I'm doing it right or any of this. I signed up for the blog through the
International Scarf Exchange. It's a really cool idea, and I can't wait to get started.

I heard about them throught KH and some of the amazing people on that site. I am constantly amazed by the KH community!!!!

So I went to Stitches West (in Santa Clara, CA) this weekend, and I wanted to take pictures, but they didn't allow pictures in the convention center, so I couldn't. Who knew the first convention I would ever go to was a yarn convention. People who know me for sure thought it would be some nerdy/geeky sci-fi convention.

So my wonderful mother bought me a digital camara this weekend and as soon as I get back home (I'm visiting the famdam) I will post pictures of the lovely yummy yarn I got at Stitches. As one of my very Unique friends would say, I will post a picture of it in "all it's softey goodness".

I got MMMMMMalibrigo 7 Skeins!!!!! yup 7!!! I got some other stuff from WEBS, they were at the convention. I got some hemp yarn, and a pattern to go with it, so I can make a market bag, heavy duty, reuseable, I can't wait start that pattern, but I gotta finish the WIP's I've got going now.

Well since no one is going to read this, I'll sign off now, "Seacrest Out".

COMMING SOON: Pictures of yarn
Pictures of my cats ('cause come on, who doesn't want to see my cats)
More pictures of yarn (face it, I love yarn)
Pictures of WIP's