Sunday, February 25, 2007

- My first post

Ok, this is my attempt at a blog. I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing, if I'm doing it right or any of this. I signed up for the blog through the
International Scarf Exchange. It's a really cool idea, and I can't wait to get started.

I heard about them throught KH and some of the amazing people on that site. I am constantly amazed by the KH community!!!!

So I went to Stitches West (in Santa Clara, CA) this weekend, and I wanted to take pictures, but they didn't allow pictures in the convention center, so I couldn't. Who knew the first convention I would ever go to was a yarn convention. People who know me for sure thought it would be some nerdy/geeky sci-fi convention.

So my wonderful mother bought me a digital camara this weekend and as soon as I get back home (I'm visiting the famdam) I will post pictures of the lovely yummy yarn I got at Stitches. As one of my very Unique friends would say, I will post a picture of it in "all it's softey goodness".

I got MMMMMMalibrigo 7 Skeins!!!!! yup 7!!! I got some other stuff from WEBS, they were at the convention. I got some hemp yarn, and a pattern to go with it, so I can make a market bag, heavy duty, reuseable, I can't wait start that pattern, but I gotta finish the WIP's I've got going now.

Well since no one is going to read this, I'll sign off now, "Seacrest Out".

COMMING SOON: Pictures of yarn
Pictures of my cats ('cause come on, who doesn't want to see my cats)
More pictures of yarn (face it, I love yarn)
Pictures of WIP's

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