Monday, February 26, 2007

- Yarn, yarn and....oh yeah, more yarn

As promised I now have pictures of the yarn I bought this weekend. These shots go out to my one dedicated (an obviously very bored reader) Jenn!! HA get it a shot out, damn I miss being young enough to care about Love Lines...

So notice the yarn,isn't it pretty?!? You know you want it. MUHAHAHAHAHA it's all wool, soft delicious, pretty wool, ohhhhh yeah....ok, there's some hemp in there too, and a book.

The book is thanks to some family friends who are much to nice to little 'ol me. I've been wanting the book for a while, but the $30 price tag was just a little much, but they gave it to me for Christmas. I know it's February, but I just got down to the Bay, so it's Christmas in February for me.

This stuff is the MMMMalibrigo, so soft, soooo soft. It knits up like butter that won't get you greasy when you wear it.

This stuff is from WEBS

The cat you ask? That's my mom's cat (Rowdy) but the rainbow sheets? Those are all mine. Jealous? I know you are. I used to have a bike that matched my sheets, banana seat and all.

I want to get some more of the hemp yarn, there's a shirt in Big Girl Knits that I want to make. I got the hemp from LanaKnits. They had a booth at Stitches West.

Ok, I'm done boring Jenn with things she already knows. So I'm "outy 5000"

Oh yeah, and HEROES ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, you can certainly "spin a yarn, can't you?" LOL


Kathy said...

Hey - thanks for shopping with us at West. The weekend was an insane blur of yarn, great people and thoughts of hitting the ladies room :) Hope we took good care of you! Enjoy all of the yarn you got!