Friday, March 16, 2007

- Charity Blanket #2

Well I told you there would be a second Charity blanket, and it's started. There are 12 people still needed, but quite a few have signed up already! If you would like to see the blog for the second blanket here it is.

If you are interested in being one of the people who works on the blanket here is where you can sign up. Shandeh is the person who is generously organizing both blankets, she is wonderful!!!

The second blanket will be an international blanket, as it will be traveling outside of the United States and into Canada. Gotta love the neighbors to the North.

Regarding the International Scarf Exchange, I've picked a pattern, it's a pattern from the 1800's that I found in a book printed in the 1970's. The women who wrote the book, traveled around the world looking at Counterpanes and figured out how they were made.

Now I just need my partner so I know what kind of yarn to knit with. My goal for this weekend is to finish the prison scarf and get it into the mail, and to almost finish the baby blanket. I'm getting close, only 10 more rows to go....yes, yes I've been slacking, but I'm entitled, it's been a LONG, LLLLOOONNNNGGG week!

Oh, and BTW, I thought this was cool....even thought it was crocheted.

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