Monday, March 5, 2007

- Charity Knitting

I have seen a lot of people lately talking online about charity knitting. There are some really good charities out there, and I thought I'd list a few for people who are interested:

There are so many good charities out there that accept knitted items, it's amazing.

I have mentioned already that I am working with 25 others across the USA on the Oddball Charity Knitting Blanket. It's pretty cool, and I can't wait to get the blanket. We are all knitting 3 inches of the blanket, in whatever color and pattern we want, then sending the blanket on. There is a 'journal' that is going along with the blanket, so that every knitter can write a little bit about themselves for the recipient. It's a fun cool project that I know will end positively for someone I've never met, and never will. The blanket just started it's trek around the USA, and has already visited two out of the twenty-five knitters who will eventually get their hands on it.

The blanket is going to visit the following states:

North Carolina
New Mexico
New Jersey

All of the people who are going to knit this blanket are members of KH. What a great site, the people there are wonderful. The idea was posted on February 21, 2007. By February 23, 2007 there were 25 people signed up, and even a few "pinch knitters", in case life happens to someone. By March 4, 2007, the blanket has visited two people and is on it's way to the third. I think that's pretty amazing, and shows the heart of the people who are on the KH forum.

On a personal knitting note, I am closer to being done with the baby blanket. I only have 19 rows left. AAAHHHH, I can't wait to have it done. Not because I don't enjoy making it, I do, but I can't wait to give it to the proud parents to be!!! I love giving hand knitted gifts to people. It's so fun to see their faces (and yeah, I kinda, sorta, like the praise, the oooo's and aaahhh's). What can I say, I like it when my work is appreciated. Well I'd better get going, I can get a few more rows in before Heroes starts.

Oh, and BTW, did anyone see Battlestar on Sunday?!? What the FRAK??????!!!!!!???????

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