Saturday, March 31, 2007

- I made out today!!!

So this morning I showed one of my friends the dishcloths I made, and she now wants to make some. So we were on our way to Trader Joe's, and inspiration hit! Hancock fabrics is going out of business! So I thought why not take her there so she can get the Lion Cotton on sale! So we went, and I was weak and this is what I picked up. Now I think I'm doing ok, since I only spent $40.95 and I got alllllllllllll this:

It wasn't all yarn. The multi-colored skeins are actually this:

So I got 16 skeins of Wool Ease, 2 skeins of Lion Cotton, 6 skeins of the Torn Fabric String, and one set of bamboo needles. What a steal!!!!

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