Sunday, March 25, 2007

- I'm not talking to my sock

Well, my sock and I had a falling out! I thought I was doing everything right, and it disagreed. But since I'm bigger than Mr. Sock, I won....I frogged the entire heel (8 rows), then I threw it in the bag, and Mr. Sock is in a time out. It's gonna be a long one, at least a day.

It takes me a while to calm down after a fight that big.

Here are my kitties:

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Jennifer said...

Love the kitty pictures. My cats rarely let me get such nice pictures of them. My cats work together to solve problems - they have figured out how to open most of the doors in my house (with the exception of knobs, which they conceptually know how to work - but can't physically achieve). I could definitely see them running a water cooler if I had one.