Tuesday, March 27, 2007

- Mr. Sock no longer in time out

I have decided that I must forgive the sock. He has been in the bag now for 2 days now, and is truly contrite. I have accepted his apology and will attempt to knit the heel once again.

I don't really have much more to say, except I fought "the man" and won! Last Monday I went to the post office to mail off the "prison scarf" aka the Irish Hiking Scarf. The long and short of it is, the envelope I'd picked out to mail the scarf in was ripped and unusable, but I didn't notice it until it was fully labeled. Being the nice person I am (<----Do not believe this), I took it up and told the cashier. He was RUDE!!!!!!!! And his response was "You have to pay". He added, "It doesn't matter if you didn't do it you have to pay". When I repeated it was that way when I found it, he got really quite rude and said "I don't really care". Well I'd not yet eaten that day, it was 11:42 a.m., and suffice it to say I'm not a nice person when I don't eat. NOT nice at all!! My mom won't even talk to me unless I've eaten. Anyhoo, I had just enough control of myself not to launch myself over the counter at this man and scratch his eyes out. Ok, normally I'm not the scratch your eyes out kinda girl, not at all, but then again I hadn't eaten. I restrained myself, in fact I didn't say anything. I just ground my teeth, the tendon in my jaw twitching quite wildly and payed $2.29 for an envelope I didn't rip. Then, THEN he refuse to throw it away for me, saying "I don't do that. It's against policy to throw away customer trash". OK, that was the last straw. I went and got food and called the USPS customer service line. They took a message and said "Someone will call you back in 48 hours".

When I finally got a call back, it was from someone in the wrong post office who very politely told me she couldn't help me. I asked her to inform the customer service line that they would need to have someone contact me who could help me. She informed me that she didn't have that capability. OK, it's 2007, no e-mail? No outside phone line? No smoke signals? I asked her if she could mail them a letter, and she laughed and said, no, in fact I would have to call customer service back. NO, I'm not calling them back. So I e-mailed them. Finally, yesterday I got a call back from the correct person. I explained the situation, and she agreed the man behind the counter was rude, and assured me that it was not their policy to make people pay for items that were unusable, and that they in fact have no policy against throwing away ripped envelopes. Since I'd kept my receipt I was able to tell her who it was that helped me. Although at first she guessed the wrong person, apparently they've had complaints about multiple people there. Shocking, a government employee being rude and letting power get to their head (<-- I too am in a gov'nt job, I see it daily).

Well, I got a money order in the mail today for $2.29, with an apology note. I know all that for a measly $2.29, but really it was the principle of the thing. That and I'm really surprised I was able to keep my cool with no food in my body, you ask anyone you know and they'll tell you that's a first. I realized I had a problem regarding my mood when I haven't eaten, about one year ago. Now my mother would argue she's know for 30 years, but just cause mom said so didn't mean I believed her. Well I was in Safeway, food shopping 'cause well frankly I was hungry, and the women in front of me wasn't going fast enough for my liking. A truly evil thought popped into my head...."If I ram my cart into her heads I bet I could snap her Achillies tendon and watch it roll up her leg". <-----Not how I usually am. I was so seriously disturbed by this thought that I immediately left the store, and went to get some fast food. I realized then I have a problem, and must take care to eat regularly!!! Oh, I felt so bad that even though I'm not catholic, I felt like I should run to the nearest confessional and tell on myself. Hmmm, so much for not much to say. Well it's my blog and all about me right?!?

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knitting harvest said...

Sorry to hear about the envelope trouble. First time to your blog and I enjoy your layout in the section for your WIPs. How do you add the percentage buttons? I work on Blogger for my blog, knittingharvest.blogspot.com, and am curious about how to add that feature. Please help if you can. Thanks!