Thursday, March 22, 2007

- My mom is super cool

I love my mom (the non-knitter). She knows what I'm interested in and when she see's something I'd like she e-mails me, or calls. She sent me this site. A couple of co-workers and I (maybe a few friends too) will be going to the event on May 5-6th in Red Bluff, CA.

I called the lady whose phone number is listed:

Fiber on the Foot - Celebrating Alpacas

An educational event, showcasing alpacas and alpaca products to the public. Fun for the family.

Location: Tehama District Fairgrounds, Antelope Blvd, Red Bluff, CA

Contact: Irene Fuller 530-529-3298

Apparently, there is no charge to get into the event, but they will be taking donations for their "Sock it to 'em" charity. They will take all of the donated money and will be buying socks for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think I could part with a few bucks.

There will be yarn seller and all kinds of stuff at this event, I am definately excited!!!

I will post more on my sock tonight. I'm on row 25 and going strong. I took it to my LYS and asked how it looked. They told me it looks like I know what I'm doing, which is good. Because as we know looks are what matters (<--catch the sarcasm?!?) Oh and I have to say, I got an e-mail from the wonderful women who will be knitting a scarf for me!! She seems super cool!! I wonder where she's from? My guess Europe, more specificall Scotland, New Zeland or England. I'm probably wrong, it's been known to happen. She's cool though.

Here's an update on Oddball blanket #1:

I can't believe how quickly everyone is getting this blanket done! The fourt knitter is already done, and the blanket is (or soon will be) on it's way to knitter number five. It'll be at my house sooner than I expected, but that's cool, I can't wait to knit my part.

As for blanket number 2, it's got all the knitters needed, and will soon be on it's way. Here's a picture of what it looks like now:

Shandeh is great, she picks the best yarn. Also, it looks like Oddball Blanket #3 might be in the making. Blanket #3 will be knit out of wool, not acrylic yarn like the first two blankets. Ohhhh, wool, how do I love you? Let me count the ways........

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