Sunday, March 4, 2007

- My neighbors are awesome!

My neighbors are awesome!!! They saw a knitting and crochet book for $9.00 and they got it for me. The REALLY cool thing, is the book was printed in 1883, and copyright in 1882. I'm gonna have to copy some of the patterns, I was looking at it last night, and it's a laugh riot.

First off, there is no author, inside the book it just says 'Compiled and edited by a Lady expert, who has conscientiously tested all of them'. Some of the patterns in here I have NO idea what they are talking about, and others make a little sense.

There are two patterns for 'Lady's petticoats' one of them is to be 'worn instead of a flannel one'. There is a pattern for a 'sock for a boy of twelve' and one for a 'boy of fifteen', stocking patterns, a pattern for a 'carriage rug'. It's all very interesting.

Needles are referred to as 'pins' and today's purl stitch is a pearl. There is a pattern for 'woolen fringe' that is according to the book 'very handsome', and a pattern for a 'Persian Antimacassar' it is 'very pretty and not difficult' , I don't even know what and antimacassar is.....ok, I looked it up here is the definition. Wikipedia is a wonderful thing. I am having an absolute blast looking at this book. Some of the spelling is different, and although it was printed in Boston, there is a definite British flair to some of the patterns.

A few of the patterns are just named 'Pretty edging' or are simply titled 'another pretty pattern'. Now the patterns are written differently, they are in paragraph form, but I think I'm going to have to try and decode some of the patterns and try them. Perhaps not the pettycoat pattern, but some of the plain stitch patterns.

You gotta love people who know you and buy you stuff that they have no interest in but know you will like. They got the book at a consignment shop, where they just happened across it. What wonderful people!!


jenn said...

WOW!! I knew I rocked but now the whole world knows also.

Ariel said...

That is so cool! Wish I had neighbors like that! ;o) Cya on KH!