Monday, March 26, 2007

- My sewing machine

I got this machine for free, and got it cleaned, a new peddle and new motor for $120. It's a beast, and it's soooo nice. 1500 stitches a minute, does all kinds of fancy shmancy stitching, I love it. My mom had a cabinet it fits all I have to do is figure the darned thing out. I haven't sewn since junior high school, lots of years ago.

The woman who gave it to me, also gave me the original owners manuel, which is really nice, from the 1950's.

Oh, any ya wanna know how smart my cat is? Here's a picture of her getting her own water from the cooler. I had to get proof nobs.

As I was seaching around the web I found this site. She's knitting the most gorgeous shawl I think I've ever seen.

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