Thursday, March 29, 2007

- Oddball blanket updates

Well now there are three Oddball Charity blankets in the making. Blanket #1, which I am one of the knitters. Blanket #2, which I am helping do the blog, but am not one of the knitters. And (drum roll please) Blanket #3 which I am one of the knitter.

Now, Blankets #1 & #2 are being knitted with worsted weight machine washable yarn. I don't have any updated pics of Blanket #2, but here is one of Blanket #1, with the goodies that were sent to the 5th knitter:

Now Blanket #3 is going to be knit out of wool. This blanket will be given to a charity outside of the USA. Here is a picture of Blanket #3 in it's very beginning stages:

Shandeh dyed her yarn in Kool-Aid in order to give the blanket a little more Pizazz! I recently bought some yarn from Knitpicks, that is bare and ready to dye. Here is a link to the yarn I bought. I am going to dye it one of these days soon!! Shandeh posted a few sites on Kool-Aid dyeing so I'll share them:

Basic How to
Knitty article
Knitter's Review article article
Knitpicks article
Guide with pictures
and a Kool-Aid color chart

It just so happens that the other day I was at the local El Cheap-o grocery outlet (which I love) and they had Kool-Aid on sale for $0.10 each. I bought a butt load of them, and will be sending some off this weekend to KHers who can't find certain colors where they live. Namely blue. Apparently Kool-Aid is much more popular in California?!?

Well this is it for tonight as I'm poop'ed and need to sleep.

Oh, one more thing, this is a great company and everyone should check it out. Everyone's gotta do their part. I'm a great one for reusing thing, putting something to use multiple times (nylons into headbands, etc.) I think it comes from a grandmother who remembered The Depression, and a dad who likes to bind his own books. Who knows, but check out Chico Bags, it's a good company with a good product. I really like them.

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