Tuesday, March 20, 2007

- Scarf Exchange

I got my pal!!! I know who I'm knitting for, and I know what colors she likes, so I can start knitting!!! Oh yea baby, this is what it's all about!!!

You will all have to wait until the scarf is done to see it however, just in case my secret pal checks my blog. Tsk, tsk, can't have her seeing what I'm making her.

What is very cool is she is from Australia. I've always wanted to visit there. Well, I can update you on the progress of the scarf, as far as percentage done and all, but no more than that. Not even a color, so no begging.

It will continue to be boring stuff about me "Muaahahahahahaha". Just how I like it.

1 comment:

Kaydee said...

Yea for the scarf exchange! I'm doing it too (although my pal isn't international, but is on the opposite side of the country from me). Have you decided on a pattern to knit yet?