Saturday, March 17, 2007

- So me

Well I just started this blog in the middle of last month. And!? I'm posting on two. Well technically three since I will have to post three times over the next couple of months on the ISE 4 blog. I do this though. Do something new, enjoy it, and throw myself in 100%, I think I'm like my dad, in that I don't do so well with free time!

But I will be posting regularly on the Oddball Blanket #2 blog. Since Shandeh is doing all of the organizing, e-mailing, casting-on, borders, blanket #1 blog, etc. for both blanket #1 AND blanket #2, I thought I'd try to help out. So I will be posting on both blogs.

Obviously, this blog is mine, and the blanket blog is dedicated solely to the blanket and the participants. So if you would like to check out the other blog, the link is above. The first blanket is coming along, and looks REALLY very cool!

Back to me, I'm teaching a community CPR/First Aid/AED class next week for the Red Cross. I would like to urge everyone to keep up your certifications. You never know when you could save a life! The classes aren't too boring, and depending on who is teaching, they can be somewhat fun. I think this will be my fourth or fifth class taught for them since I got certified to instruct in November of 2006. I've also taught two CPR classes for work and one First Aid class. It's always interesting to teach your co-workers. I think they've gotten to see my drill sargent side.

Oh, and for the knitters out there, I thought this site was interesting. It's written by a vegan knitter. Pretty cool.

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