Sunday, March 18, 2007

- Socks

So I'm thinking about trying my hand at sock knitting. I've just finished the prison scarf (aka Irish Hiking scarf), and I only have 10 rows left to go on the baby blanket for my friend. So I think it's time to branch out. So socks it is.

Now I'll have to knit with DPN's (double pointed needles), which I tried one time, and it was like trying to wrestle with a porcupine. But...I think I can do it. After all, the popular saying is, "you're still only knitting with two needles" apparently you just have to ignore the other three.

The only thing is there are soooooo many different kinds of sock yarn. In fact there are so many different kinds of yarn period. When I started knitting I thought yarn was yarn, but OMG was I wrong. Between the different fibers, and weights, and dying processes, it can be a bit much. I also never thought that yarn would be my obsession, yet it has quickly become something I look at online regularly.

In the online knitting community, pictures of your new yarn is called "porn", if I took pictures of all the yarn I have, I could probably make someone go blind looking at all my "porn".

But back to the socks. If you are interested in a sock tutorial, "Silver" a member of KH has made one. Her tutorial is EXCELLENT, and makes me think I really can tackle this arduous project. So here it is. Tomorrow after work I am going to my LYS (local yarn shop) and I will be buying sock yarn. I will also have to buy a pair of the dreaded DPN's. Just so you know I don't exactly have a fear of DPN's, I just have the slightest bit of fear that I might stab a cat, or impale myself a little. I'm not the most....shall we say....coordinated of people after all. Ahh, well, a little impalement here and there can't hurt that much, after all, my tetanus shot is still good.

I got the prison scarf done as mentioned, and will get it in the mail tomorrow. Also, I thought I'd mention, my neighbor, generously donated a scarf that she made as well. It's very pretty, and if at all possible, I will get a picture before I go to the post office tomorrow.