Tuesday, March 20, 2007

- Started a sock

Well I got a bug up my butt about knitting a sock. Yes I know I don't have other projects finished, I know I could clean my house, wash my dishes, etc. But I WANT to try and knit a sock. So I started. This is my first foray into DPN's and so far it is going well. I only had to frog once, and it was only a row and a half into the attempt....so not to bad. I've included a top/down view:

And a side view. So far I like it. I'm doing a K1,P1 repeat, after Casting On 64 stitches. I divided the stitches onto three size 2 DPN's (21, 21, 22), and away I went....after one false start.

Of course when I went to buy sock yarn I couldn't just buy one ball, so I bought three. Two of one color, and one of a second color. The brand is "Sockotta". It's a blend, 45% cotton, 40% superwash wool and 15% nylon. So there'll be some give, and it's machine washable!! That is very important to me. The yarn in the center pull skein is a 100% cotton. I bought it because it's soft, and I love the colorway. Kind of a muted camouflage. The cotton is "Fantasy Natural".

But of course the whole sock idea wasn't enough for me to dream of. I had to buy a pattern as well. Someone of KH knitted this sweater/hoodie, and it was so nice looking. According to everyone I've talked to, the author of this pattern is really quite easy to understand, and her patterns are easy to make. So I thought, I like the pattern, it's supposed to be easy, WHY NOT?!? So I bought the pattern. Plus it'll be an excuse later on the buy the yarn necessary to make the sweater.

Now that I've fascinated everyone into a coma, I must go, there is dinner to eat, t.v. to watch, and socks to knit.

Well, just one more thing. Since we all need a little bit of "AHHH, how cute" in our lives, here you go:

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