Friday, March 2, 2007

- Why do I have a blog?

Why do I have a blog? Seriously, why...whose gonna read it. Ohhh, some random person's knitting, yeah let's read about it. But then again why does anyone have a blog? I certainly have no idea, who even started the blogging sensation? And why? To see how many idjiots would follow in his/her digital footsteps?

Perhaps I'm doing this so that I can keep an online knitting journal. I'm under no illusions that this knitting odyssey of mine is in the least bit interesting to anyone but myself. And I can't imagine posting anything that is not knitting related, other than my one line about CPR.

Is this what it's coming down to? I'm too lazy to write in a journal, and print up pictures? I have to do it online? Well I guess it's better than watching t.v. (ok, one other non-knitting thing....this is definitely not better than Heroes, LOST, or Battlestar Galactica!)

Well, my knitting my own, as are my thoughts, and since none are more interested in both than I am, I'll continue to knit and blog; blog and knit until I get tired of the computer and go back to just knitting.

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