Monday, April 30, 2007

- Yarn diet

So I am officially on a yarn diet. I 'organized' my stash the other day, and realized I have 10, count 'em 10 HUGE tubs full of yarn. So I am now on a yarn diet. No more until I use some....I could open my own shop according to my silly friends. (They are just jealous if you ask me).

So I took the kitties to the vet today, to get their shots. According to the vet, Eshara (the grey one) is 11lbs 6oz, and Sinatra (the orange one) is 18lbs 4oz. Well, Sinatra went loco in the office. Right after we got the weight, he lunged at her, hissing/spitting/clawing, well she pretty much ran out of the room and wouldn't come back in. When the vet came in, she tried to get his pulse, and he tried to attack her too! She went and got what I can only describe at a bathmat, and called in a different, very strong looking vet teck. It took all 3 of us to hold him down for his shots. The funny thing is at home, he's the most loving and laid back cat. You can do anything to him and his only response is "meow...purr". But apparently he doesn't like the vet AT ALL!!! Eshara, who is usually the hellraiser in the house, got all scared, and kept hiding in the corner. She was mewing like a kitten, almost (pardon the pun) catatonic. It was bizarre! Thankfully I won't have to take them back until next year.

I've started the hemp bag. I'm using a hemp/linen mix, and only about 10 rows in. The pattern I'm using is the one from Lanakits, and it's kind of a pain. P2tog (purl 2 together) on 16" circular needles....yeah, not easy. Especially as tightly as I knit. And this yarn doesn't slide well. Oh well, it looks cool at least. I'll try to get some pictures up in the next day or so.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

- Home town woes

So this morning in Oakland there was a bit of an accident you can read about it here. I've also attached a picture that you can see below. This is such a trip, I used to drive this freeway every day. It's pretty reminiscent of what parts of the freeway looked like after the '89 earthquake. All I can say is WOW, and I'm amazed and thankful that no one died.

On another note, I love ebay, here's what I got in the mail on Saturday (yesterday). I've been wanting this forever, and I managed to find a copy for $15.00, it's was a steal!

Here are some pictures from the inside. The authors are amazing artists, I wish I could draw like this. But alas, even my stick figures look like they're having a seizure. My talents lie elsewhere.

My friends and I went to to the park today, it's one of my favorite places, absolutely beautiful. We were hanging out, for the neighbor baby's first birthday, and had a blast. The day was perfect, not to hot, not cold, crisp and just great.

The kids played, the adults ate, laughed, and got generally loud. All in all it was a great day. I think tonight I am going to start working on my hemp shopping bag. I have two choices here is the first one, and here is the other one:
Net Shopping Bag

Yarn: 2 Balls Lingarn -- or 140 meters of any worsted to heavy worsted cotton/linen blend. It would also be nice in hemp, or 100% linen, all cotton, or any tough, not-very-stretchy fiber.

Needles: size 13 double pointed needles; size 13 circular needles, 16"

*Note: the bag is started on double pointed needles; switch to the circular needles when it is feasible.

Base of Bag:
Cast on 9 stitches, divided on 3 double pointed needles. Join.
Round 1: (K1, yarn over) around (18 sts).
Rounds 2, 3, & 4: Knit (on Round 2 knit into the backs of the yarn overs to close them up a bit).
Round 5: (K1, yarn over) around (36 sts.)
Rounds 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, & 11: Knit (on Round 6 knit into the backs of the yarn overs to close them up a bit).
Round 12: (K1, yarn over) around (72 sts).
Round 13: Knit.
Round 14: Purl.
Round 15: Knit.
Round 16: Purl.

Body of Bag:
Round 17: (yarn over, K2tog) around.
Round 18: (K2tog, yarn over) around.
Repeat rows 17 & 18 until bag measures 12" from last purl row. You can make it longer or shorter at this point. Just remember to buy more yarn if you want to make the bag longer!

Bag Top & Handles
Knit two rounds, knitting into the backs of the previous row's yarn overs to close them.
Next round: Knit 9, bind off 18, knit 18, bind off 18, knit 9.
Next round: Knit 9, cast on 40 (over the space where you bound off 18 in the last row), knit 18, cast on 40 (over the space where you bound off 18 in the last row), knit 9. (116 sts) *You could cast on more here if you want longer handles. If you have extra yarn!!
Knit one round. Bind off all stitches.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

- Finding bones.

I'm sitting here checking out the news online, and I saw two stories that I thought were interesting. One was about an earthquake in Lisbon in 1755 you can check it out here, and one was about ancient camel bones found in Arizona, which you can read about here. I think its so interesting when there are finds like this. It make my imagination run wild! What was life like back then? What were the people like? How oddly cool would it be to see a camel in Arizona (which obviously wasn't Arizona back then).

Like when you're (again maybe it's just me) driving down the road, and you notice the sky/clouds/weather patterns, and you wonder what it would have been like to live in that particular place 1,000 years ago. Without cars, or streetlights, air conditioning, heaters, or grocery stores.

I always think how much prettier things must have been.

Friday, April 27, 2007

- Knitting to recycle

So I've been thinking, everyone has a ton of plastic bags around, from grocery stores, restaurants, etc. What do you do with them? Throwing them away sucks, you can't shove them in the recycling bin....what do you do. I found a few patterns online for knitting with them. Odd I know, but hey you're not tossing them in the garbage. So here are the patterns. I'd love to find more, and if any of the five people who read this boring little view into my head have any other patterns, I'l love to see them.

Plastic Bag Carry All
DIY Knitted Bag
1950's Outfit

These next two are not knitting patterns but they are something you could use all those old bags for none the less:

Crochet Bag Pattern
Woven Plastic Rug

Well I just thought this was a good idea, and pretty cool.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

- A relative, a lunch box, and a birthday for a baby

So my mom was searching the web the other day, geneology stuff, and found someone who is related to us from waaaaay back in the family tree. Apparently her great-great grandfather, was the brother to my great-great grandpa. It was Embersom Milum and William Henry, the two that survived the Mountain Meadow Massacre. Here are the e-mails they've sent to one another. Family history is so interesting:

Dear Mary,

You posted on surnameweb that you are interested in descendents of Emberson Milum and William Henry Tackitt. My great grandfather was William Henry Tackitt. I guess we are very distant cousins since you descended from his brother. I am hoping to go to the MMA/MMMD meeting in Utah this September. Perhaps you will be there also.

Signed by My Mom

her response to my mamma:

YEA! I have been looking for 5 years for descendent(s) of William finally decided there wasn't one. If all goes as planned I will be at the meadow in September as a member of both the MMMD,MMA, and the great great granddaugther of Emberson. Do you have any stories that have been passed down on your side?


My mom's response:

The only descendents of William I know of are me and one cousin. I don't know if he or his wife remember any stories or not. I will try to check with them. My father never talked much about his family but my grandmother occasionally did (she was married to William's son, although they were divorced before I was born so I never met him)
The only story I remember from her, about the Tackitts, was that your great great told her that he didn't realize at first that the people who captured them (the children) were not Indians. He offered the "Indian" who caught him his boots not to kill him. He discovered the man was white when he went to a stream after the massacre and washed off the war paint and or makeup.
My cousin or his wife may have some stories from his mother which I haven't heard. I will give them a call and see what I can find out. I have been a member of MMA for some time but until I retired I couldn't go to their Sept meetings. I just joined MMMD for both myself and my daughter and we are looking forward to the Sept meeting especially since it is the 150th anniversary. I am also looking forward to the film September Dawn. I am curious to see how much liberty they take with the story.

Again signed by My Mom

So here is a link to my previous post about the Mountain Meadow Massacre. So without actually taking the time to figure out how we are related, I'm just going to claim this women and an 8th cousin 45 times removed. Not because it's accurate...just because it sounds cool, and because I don't really want to write out the family tree. Because that's a lot of tree.

On a totally different note, I bought a School House Rocks lunch box the other day, metal of course. It has the original metal thermos and the little hook thingy to keep the thermos in place so it wont crush my sandwich. Yup I'll probably use it to take my lunch to work. And yes it does Rock!

I think I love my new lunch box.

So on Sunday I'm going to a birthday party for a 1 year old. I think I'm going to get him a bookshelf for his birthay, and a copy of "Where the Sidewalk Ends", one of my favorite books from childhood. Or perhaps, The Light in the Attic. Because what else could you get for a 1 year old, toys?!? NO, I say bookshelf, it's the present that keeps on giving.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

- Yet another dishcloth

I'm knitting on another dishcloth, they are fun to make and quick to knit. I'm really enjoying this one because its soooo completely mindless I don't have to think at all. It's a 4 row repeat, you can find the pattern here.

The picture is dark, and the yarn is more of a purplish blue that pictured, but hey, you get the point.

According to the internet I am:

I am nerdier than 66% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

And since the internet knows all, I guess I believe it. However, I would have scored myself a little higher on the nerd/geek scale.

I got an e-mail from my yarner (the person who is sending me yarn), and she said she mailed out my package, and I should get it in the beginning of the week. The anticipation is killing me.

- Blanket #2 is now a monkey

Well our oddball charity blanket #2 is now a Monkey. Here is the blanket as it looked when it started its trip to Canada. Here is how the 'blanket' looked when it arrived in Canada.

Quite a transformation hunh?!? On the right hand side of this here blog I have added a video of the purple singing dancing monkey. Check it out if you wish.

So I've gotta work today, 6 day work weeks rock, then I've gotta work 51 hours next week. Yuck, I want knitting time!!!!!!! Well maybe next month, sigh.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

- Private yarn swap

I bought some yarn that I began to dislike. It was beautiful yarn, there was just something about it I just couldn't seem to work with. Well someone (Stickchick) agreed to swap yarn with me!!!!!

She had some yarn that I've been dying to try. It is 100% Bamboo, here is a link to it. It's specs you ask, here they are:

100% Bamboo yarn, 100 gr / 250 yds, with a gauge of 5sts / 8 rows = 1" on us size 6 needles.

Well Mrs. Sticks was super fast getting the yarn in the mail and I got it yesterday, here it is in all it's yarney splendor:

It is soooooo pretty, and I love the feel of it. I'm going to have to use you guessed it bamboo needles, because it feels as thought it might slip right off metal needles.

I also bought some yarn from thisonline shop. I bought 4 skeins of Idena Lingarn, medium ecru.

Natural cotton/linen mix great for earthy organic look. Content: 60% cotton/40% linen size: 50g/70m - 1.75oz/76 yards Gauge: 18 sts/4" using needle #8US Care: machine wash gentle/dry flat.

I also bough 7 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy, sage.

Contents: 41% cotton, 34% hemp, 25% modalYardage: 50g/153 ydsGauge: 22sts/4"Needle size: #4US/3.5mm

Oh, by the way, check out this blog post, it's freakin' hysterical.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

- Charity love

How exciting is this? My ISE4 secret knitter who is from Australia saw the Oddball Blanket Charity blogs, (#1, #2, and #3) and is planning on starting her own blanket in her country. She is planning on doing one for children, so it'll be a little smaller which is nice 'cause it'll go faster. They might send a children's book around with the blanket so that everyone can sign the book to go along with the blanket.

It's in the very early planning stages, but she said as soon as I find out who she is, she'll give me the blog address.

How cool. The love is spreading 'round the world from the North American continent! How exciting. I'm sure she's going to love doing this. She is really a very cool really lovely person, and I'm enjoying getting to know her.

In mail news, I got two packages today. (Yeah I've been on an amazon/ebay spree lately.) Today I received more Elfquest stuff in the mail today. They are Ral Partha figurines. Ral Partha is no longer a company, and these figurines haven't been made in about 20 or so years. Here is the front of the box, which by the way is in perfect condition.

A close up shot that tells you which characters are contained in this box set.

This is the back, with pictures of the figures contained in the box.

This is the paperwork (original) that came with the characters.

These next two pictures are the instructions as to how to paint the figurines.

Here is how the figurines look in the box. Ohhhh, don't 'cha love 'em. I do.

Here is an up close look at two of the figurines.

I just won another auction for Elfquest stuff, I'll post pictures when I get it, and I am planning on buying this, because honestly, how cool would it be to have the tattoo and the shirt?

The second package I got today was my Rum Cordials. Yummy, I ate a whole bunch (about 10) and I now have a tummy ache, but it was totally worth is. I still have 3 lbs left, yeah, tummy aches for a year!!! Woo Hoo!!!

In library news, whoever invented Interlibrary Loan is a godsend. The local library, who has an abominable selection of knitting books and science fiction called me today to say a book I'd requested had come in.

I have been drooling over the pictures for hours. Unfortunately, all of the patterns are charts, and I have a super cool learning disability that makes charts look to me like gobbledy goop. This sucks, I can drool, but I can not knit. Grrrrr, curse this non mathematical brain of mine, curse it I say.

- Yet another good mail day for me.

I got home from work today and had many little presents in the mail. I got two more of the books I ordered from

OHHHHHHH, I can't wait to break those open! In addition to the books, a friend of mine in Wisconson, Jasmine sent me some really cool yarn and lotion:

A girl can't have too much lotion. Here is a close up so ya'll can really see what I got!

Now how sweet is she.

In Oddball Blanket news; Blanket #1 is making it was around the USA. It has left Florida and is now in Michigan. Here's how it looked as it left Florida:

And here is how it looked when it arrived in Michigan:

Now Blanket #2 hit a bit of a snafu. Somehow instead of delivering it to Canada, the post office made a bit of a detour. The blanket ended up in Italy. Some poor women in Italy is scratching her head, as is Dangles in Canada. When Dangles opened the box expecting to see a blanket, what did she see to her surprise? Yup, you guessed it, A SINGING MONKEY!!! 'Cause really, what else would be in there? So it appears that Blanket #2 will have to begin again.

Well Blanket #3 (wool only) is being worked on by the second knitter in North Carolina. Here is a picture of it when it started:

The read yarn is hand dyed by Shandeh, our fearless leader. Very bright and very pretty. Well I think that's about it for updates. One of these days I'll get my Rum Cordials. The UPS site hasn't updated my tracking info since April 13th, so I know as of the 13th they were somewhere in New York. But uhhhh, that's the last anyone has heard from them, so maybe I'll get them tomorrow.

Monday, April 16, 2007

- What happens when my friends and I get bored.

So last night after a full weekend of running around, hanging out, and generally being a bum (which was WONDERFUL by the way), I was hanging out at my neighbor's house and we got a little bored. Well, when we get bored, we get creative, much to the chagrin of one of our other friends. My neighbor Jennifer and I decided it would be fun to show our very young 21 year old friend what people looked like when we were in high school (she is MUCH too young to remember). So somehow we convinced her to allow us to put make up on her, and "do" her hair. Here are the hilarious results:

We got the bright idea to do this to her after her boyfriend left for a meeting. How did he view the results of the "Extreme Makeover"? See for yourself:

It's a fuzzy picture because he jumped back in shock then started laughing. We all of course had no idea what he thought was so funny and told him so. :-) All he could say was "What, uh, wwwwwwhat DID YOU DO to my girlfriend?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

Yeah, we're dumb. But funny, don't forget, we're funny.

On a completely different note, wanna see what I got in the mail today? I love Elfquest and have for years and years. I have wanted this for a long time but could never find one that I could afford. It is the board game of Elfquest that hasn't been printed in years!!!! I finally found one, still in the shrink wrap. I will never open it, and I love it. Ahh, my covetous nature. Here is the front:

Here is the back:

I also received this book in the mail today. I ordered it from Amazon last week and I've just glanced at it but it looks so cool. I can't wait to delve into it.

Today the mailman is my new best friend, and I think that since I have more stuff coming in the mail this week, he will continue to be my best friend. However, the packages he will have to lug from his car to my box, I am thinking will not make me his best friend.

On another positive note, I got my taxes done. I just have to mail them out tomorrow.