Friday, April 13, 2007

- 150th Anniversary

This September 11th marks the 150th anniversary of the Mountain Meadow Massacre. If you aren't sure what that is, here is a link to Wikipedia, and here is some more information. There are some good books like this one. American Massacre: The Tragedy at Mountain Meadows, September 1857, and a few good documentaries like this one Burying The Past available.

The reason I'm bringing all of this up is I am a direct descendant of persons on the wagon train who were killed. I am descended on my mother's side. My maternal grandfather's grandfather was on the wagon train with his family:

Cynthia Tackitt, 49
Marion Tackitt, 20
Sebron Tackitt, 18
Matilda Tackitt, 16
James M. Tackitt, 14
Jones M. Tackitt, 12
Pleasant Tackitt, 25
Armilda Miller Tackitt, 22

The following children survived the 1857 Massacre and were returned to their families in 1859. They were the son's of Armilda and Pleasant Tackitt:

Emberson Milum Tackitt, 4
William Henry Tackitt, 19 months (my great-great grandfather, on my mother's side)

There is a new movie coming out about the massacre September Dawn. Here is a link to the movie trailer. I don't know how historically accurate it will be, but I'm interested in seeing it. Also this September 9-11th in Utah, there are going to be some events planned for the descendants of those on the wagon train. Here is the official site for the Mountain Meadows Massacre Descendants site. The latest newsletter tells a little bit about what will be happening in Utah for the descendants, so here it is.

There is also the The Mountain Meadows Massacre Association who will be putting on a weekend event for people who would like to attend, the information on those events can be seen here. I think my mom and I are going to go to these events.

In addition to the Mountain Meadows Massacre Association, and the Mountain Meadows Massacre Descendants Association, there is also the Tackett/Tackitt family Association.

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