Tuesday, April 17, 2007

- Charity love

How exciting is this? My ISE4 secret knitter who is from Australia saw the Oddball Blanket Charity blogs, (#1, #2, and #3) and is planning on starting her own blanket in her country. She is planning on doing one for children, so it'll be a little smaller which is nice 'cause it'll go faster. They might send a children's book around with the blanket so that everyone can sign the book to go along with the blanket.

It's in the very early planning stages, but she said as soon as I find out who she is, she'll give me the blog address.

How cool. The love is spreading 'round the world from the North American continent! How exciting. I'm sure she's going to love doing this. She is really a very cool really lovely person, and I'm enjoying getting to know her.

In mail news, I got two packages today. (Yeah I've been on an amazon/ebay spree lately.) Today I received more Elfquest stuff in the mail today. They are Ral Partha figurines. Ral Partha is no longer a company, and these figurines haven't been made in about 20 or so years. Here is the front of the box, which by the way is in perfect condition.

A close up shot that tells you which characters are contained in this box set.

This is the back, with pictures of the figures contained in the box.

This is the paperwork (original) that came with the characters.

These next two pictures are the instructions as to how to paint the figurines.

Here is how the figurines look in the box. Ohhhh, don't 'cha love 'em. I do.

Here is an up close look at two of the figurines.

I just won another auction for Elfquest stuff, I'll post pictures when I get it, and I am planning on buying this, because honestly, how cool would it be to have the tattoo and the shirt?

The second package I got today was my Rum Cordials. Yummy, I ate a whole bunch (about 10) and I now have a tummy ache, but it was totally worth is. I still have 3 lbs left, yeah, tummy aches for a year!!! Woo Hoo!!!

In library news, whoever invented Interlibrary Loan is a godsend. The local library, who has an abominable selection of knitting books and science fiction called me today to say a book I'd requested had come in.

I have been drooling over the pictures for hours. Unfortunately, all of the patterns are charts, and I have a super cool learning disability that makes charts look to me like gobbledy goop. This sucks, I can drool, but I can not knit. Grrrrr, curse this non mathematical brain of mine, curse it I say.

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jenn said...

Must learn to knit better so I can make lace shawl!!!!