Thursday, April 26, 2007

- A relative, a lunch box, and a birthday for a baby

So my mom was searching the web the other day, geneology stuff, and found someone who is related to us from waaaaay back in the family tree. Apparently her great-great grandfather, was the brother to my great-great grandpa. It was Embersom Milum and William Henry, the two that survived the Mountain Meadow Massacre. Here are the e-mails they've sent to one another. Family history is so interesting:

Dear Mary,

You posted on surnameweb that you are interested in descendents of Emberson Milum and William Henry Tackitt. My great grandfather was William Henry Tackitt. I guess we are very distant cousins since you descended from his brother. I am hoping to go to the MMA/MMMD meeting in Utah this September. Perhaps you will be there also.

Signed by My Mom

her response to my mamma:

YEA! I have been looking for 5 years for descendent(s) of William finally decided there wasn't one. If all goes as planned I will be at the meadow in September as a member of both the MMMD,MMA, and the great great granddaugther of Emberson. Do you have any stories that have been passed down on your side?


My mom's response:

The only descendents of William I know of are me and one cousin. I don't know if he or his wife remember any stories or not. I will try to check with them. My father never talked much about his family but my grandmother occasionally did (she was married to William's son, although they were divorced before I was born so I never met him)
The only story I remember from her, about the Tackitts, was that your great great told her that he didn't realize at first that the people who captured them (the children) were not Indians. He offered the "Indian" who caught him his boots not to kill him. He discovered the man was white when he went to a stream after the massacre and washed off the war paint and or makeup.
My cousin or his wife may have some stories from his mother which I haven't heard. I will give them a call and see what I can find out. I have been a member of MMA for some time but until I retired I couldn't go to their Sept meetings. I just joined MMMD for both myself and my daughter and we are looking forward to the Sept meeting especially since it is the 150th anniversary. I am also looking forward to the film September Dawn. I am curious to see how much liberty they take with the story.

Again signed by My Mom

So here is a link to my previous post about the Mountain Meadow Massacre. So without actually taking the time to figure out how we are related, I'm just going to claim this women and an 8th cousin 45 times removed. Not because it's accurate...just because it sounds cool, and because I don't really want to write out the family tree. Because that's a lot of tree.

On a totally different note, I bought a School House Rocks lunch box the other day, metal of course. It has the original metal thermos and the little hook thingy to keep the thermos in place so it wont crush my sandwich. Yup I'll probably use it to take my lunch to work. And yes it does Rock!

I think I love my new lunch box.

So on Sunday I'm going to a birthday party for a 1 year old. I think I'm going to get him a bookshelf for his birthay, and a copy of "Where the Sidewalk Ends", one of my favorite books from childhood. Or perhaps, The Light in the Attic. Because what else could you get for a 1 year old, toys?!? NO, I say bookshelf, it's the present that keeps on giving.


jenn said...

Utah can still be wicked hot in Septemberso take warm clothes for the day. As far as the gift for the 1 year old, you can never go wrong with a book by good ol' uncle Shel!!!! Make it personal by writing a note in the inside cover. Just so he knows whom gave it to him! BTW I was wondering if we might be going to the same party on sunday?

letah75 said...

Same party? I don't know, did Dante invite you? Hmmmmm.....

jenn said...

Who's Dante?

letah75 said...

Oh, uhhhh, hunh hun, he's your kid.

jenn said...

Oh that is what has been following me around for the last year.

letah75 said...

Yup thats it, noooow you're getting it. Pretty soon you'll pick him up and hold him. The attachment disorder will go away in no time.