Sunday, April 29, 2007

- Home town woes

So this morning in Oakland there was a bit of an accident you can read about it here. I've also attached a picture that you can see below. This is such a trip, I used to drive this freeway every day. It's pretty reminiscent of what parts of the freeway looked like after the '89 earthquake. All I can say is WOW, and I'm amazed and thankful that no one died.

On another note, I love ebay, here's what I got in the mail on Saturday (yesterday). I've been wanting this forever, and I managed to find a copy for $15.00, it's was a steal!

Here are some pictures from the inside. The authors are amazing artists, I wish I could draw like this. But alas, even my stick figures look like they're having a seizure. My talents lie elsewhere.

My friends and I went to to the park today, it's one of my favorite places, absolutely beautiful. We were hanging out, for the neighbor baby's first birthday, and had a blast. The day was perfect, not to hot, not cold, crisp and just great.

The kids played, the adults ate, laughed, and got generally loud. All in all it was a great day. I think tonight I am going to start working on my hemp shopping bag. I have two choices here is the first one, and here is the other one:
Net Shopping Bag

Yarn: 2 Balls Lingarn -- or 140 meters of any worsted to heavy worsted cotton/linen blend. It would also be nice in hemp, or 100% linen, all cotton, or any tough, not-very-stretchy fiber.

Needles: size 13 double pointed needles; size 13 circular needles, 16"

*Note: the bag is started on double pointed needles; switch to the circular needles when it is feasible.

Base of Bag:
Cast on 9 stitches, divided on 3 double pointed needles. Join.
Round 1: (K1, yarn over) around (18 sts).
Rounds 2, 3, & 4: Knit (on Round 2 knit into the backs of the yarn overs to close them up a bit).
Round 5: (K1, yarn over) around (36 sts.)
Rounds 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, & 11: Knit (on Round 6 knit into the backs of the yarn overs to close them up a bit).
Round 12: (K1, yarn over) around (72 sts).
Round 13: Knit.
Round 14: Purl.
Round 15: Knit.
Round 16: Purl.

Body of Bag:
Round 17: (yarn over, K2tog) around.
Round 18: (K2tog, yarn over) around.
Repeat rows 17 & 18 until bag measures 12" from last purl row. You can make it longer or shorter at this point. Just remember to buy more yarn if you want to make the bag longer!

Bag Top & Handles
Knit two rounds, knitting into the backs of the previous row's yarn overs to close them.
Next round: Knit 9, bind off 18, knit 18, bind off 18, knit 9.
Next round: Knit 9, cast on 40 (over the space where you bound off 18 in the last row), knit 18, cast on 40 (over the space where you bound off 18 in the last row), knit 9. (116 sts) *You could cast on more here if you want longer handles. If you have extra yarn!!
Knit one round. Bind off all stitches.

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