Friday, April 27, 2007

- Knitting to recycle

So I've been thinking, everyone has a ton of plastic bags around, from grocery stores, restaurants, etc. What do you do with them? Throwing them away sucks, you can't shove them in the recycling bin....what do you do. I found a few patterns online for knitting with them. Odd I know, but hey you're not tossing them in the garbage. So here are the patterns. I'd love to find more, and if any of the five people who read this boring little view into my head have any other patterns, I'l love to see them.

Plastic Bag Carry All
DIY Knitted Bag
1950's Outfit

These next two are not knitting patterns but they are something you could use all those old bags for none the less:

Crochet Bag Pattern
Woven Plastic Rug

Well I just thought this was a good idea, and pretty cool.

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jenn said...

If so some reason you do not have enough of your own bags you may have mine too!