Wednesday, April 4, 2007

- Mailed out yarn.

I mailed my yarnee's yarn on Monday afternoon, she should get it by Friday of this week! I sent her 440 yards of Pippen Alpaca, two skeins of a pretty multicolored yarn that I've already forgotten the name of, and pictures of the Alpaca farm/ranch that I got the yarn from.

I also sent some KHers some blue and green kool-aid for dying. Apparently, you can't get those colors of kool-aid everywhere. Who knew?!? You would think they would sell all kinds of kool-aid everywhere. Anyhow, USPS has redeemed themselves in my eyes. I mailed out the kool-aid at the same time as my yarnee's package, and one of the people I sent it to has already received it. Sent out Monday at about 2:32 p.m., received on Wednesday by 11:31 a.m., not bad. And really the girl I sent the kool-aid to who received it is way too sweet. She's a doll. She promised to show me pictures of the yarn she dyes, I can't wait!!!

Also, the USPS sent me a money order in the amount of $2.29, and an apology letter, for the rude, rude man I dealt with the last time I was there. So I have now made up with the United States Postal Service. I'm sure they are relieved.

Again, my mom is cool. I got home yesterday after a long and tiring day at work, and there was a package in my mailbox. My mom who apparently remembered a conversation I had with her when I was 12 or so, sent me 100% Maple Sugar candy. Now everyone who knows me, knows I'm not really a sweets lover. Don't drink soda, don't eat candy, not a huge fan of chocolate, in fact if there was no more chocolate in the world I wouldn't be sad or probably even think about it past that initial "Hunh". But for all that Maple Sugar candy is God's gift to the world, along with caffeine and salads. She sent me 10 boxes!!! Oh yeah. Now that'll last me like a year, but still, how cool is she. She included a Mercedes Lackey book.

No pictures today, but tonight I'll take an updated picture of the dishcloth I'm knitting, that I've decided to turn into a kitchen towel. I love it, and can't wait to make more. I think I've just found what I'm going to make for Christmas presents, matching dishcloths and towels for people.

Oh, randomness alert: For those of you who are dirty dancing fans, check this out! I love BAD music videos. Oh, and that someone thought to remake a Patrick Swazey song, how odd.

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