Sunday, April 1, 2007

- In a yarn swap

Ok, so I'm in a yarn swap through KH and today I went to a local Alpaca Ranch to get the yarn for my swapee. The women who owns the Alpaca was super nice and let my friend, her kids and me hang out with the Alpaca!!! The picture below is one of the baby Alpaca sniffing my friend's kid. The woman and the boy in the background are the owners of the Alpacas.

The next picture is Pippen. This is the Alpaca the yarn I bought came from! He's the daddy to a few of the babies that were running around.

This next picture is a Momma and baby Alpaca just kicking back and checking out the visitors (us).

This next picture is one of the babies. I just thought it was so cute.

The next picture is of two of the stud Alpacas.

This next picture is of Misti (get it you yarn lovers, Misti Alpaca) He he. The women who owns them (Sandy) showed me a shawl she made out of Misti's yarn and it was so beautiful. She used a little less than the amount of yarn my yarnee will be getting, so my lucky yarnee should be able to make something really pretty from the 440 yards she'll be getting.

This next picture I just thought was cool. This Alpaca just wanted to come and say "Hi". Apparently she likes cameras.

Here they are (most of them) all together checking out the visitors. I think they thought we had food.

Here we are petting the Alpaca. They are going to be sheared in May, so they have quite a bit of hair on them. Alpaca are really soft and their hair is super springy.

Here is the yarn my yarnee will be receiving.

With an up close and personal shot of the wrapper. The wonderful woman I bought it from put a person wrap on the yarn with info on Pippen, the Alpaca it came from! How cool was that?

Now this yarn is not dyed, it's all natural, and it's absolutely gorgeous. Now my yarnee didn't say she liked this color, but then she didn't say she hated this color. So I'm hoping she'll love it as much as I do! Oh and just for fun, here's a picture of a very pretty man.

He's in the B-side players. I love their music, and if you click on their site you can listen to their songs by clicking on B-Side Radio on the top left corner. My fav song is "Soulboat".


PaperGirl said...

OMG! Hes adorable!!!!!

letah75 said...

The Alpaca? Or the Guy? :-)

Jennifer said...

I love alpaca yarn. I gave a friend an alpaca scarf for Christmas and another friend bought me alapaca yarn for Christmas. It's super warm and soft.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those alpaca are soooo cute! Love the multicoloured one staring at the camera - just wanna give 'im a big snuggle! I'm sure your yarnee will be verry happy with Pippin's beautiful chocolate coloured yarn!