Tuesday, April 10, 2007

- Trying to organize

Well, I've decided it is time to organize my stash, and my various craft projects. Mainly though organize my yarn. I have a lot and I would like to know what I have. Since I really have no one to answer to but myself regarding the state of my apartment, my yarn has been in plastic drawers in my living room for easy access. However, that gets a little inconvenient when friends come over. Not just for the fact that they have to travel through a 'maze 'o yarn' but because there are questions to answer (How much did you spend on yarn? Why would someone need THAT much yarn? Is that all the yarn that you have, or is there still more in the extra bedroom?), and teasing to be done (Ha, ha, you need to go to YA!! Good lord, do you ever bathe in your yarn? He, he, the first step to help is admitting you have a problem!). <---Grrrrr! They just don't understand. So back to my 'organization' plan:

Step one:
Clean the extra bedroom so I can bring the yarn in and give it a spot out of the middle of the living room floor. <---Yeah, that's too much work, maybe if I just push stuff out of the way I can work something out. Well that kinda worked.....hmmm, funny, step two appears to be "abandon step one and start taking pictures of your yarn, so you can blog about it. I adore ADD when it gets me out of cleaning. Now, half of the yarn from the living room is in the extra bedroom. I still have 4 drawers to go. Now lest you think, ahhh, that's not alot of yarn. Here is the label from one of the drawers so you can see the dimensions. (The picture is kind of dark, because the flash just washed out the tag and you couldn't read it at all.

Here is a semi-side view of the drawers.

Now, in answer the the annoyingly accurate question that my friends always ask....YES, ok YES there is still yarn that is not in drawers in my extra bedroom. Fine so I'm a yarn whore, sue me. This basket is 4 rows deep with yarn, all kinds all colors, even cotton fabric yarn.

Here are the four still left in my living room. (Don't mind the beer or the mess, it's a knitter's paradise in here)

So now, rather than say, ok, pictures done, House will be on soon, get 10 more minutes of cleaning done, I decided it would be a WONDERFUL idea to take more pictures! So I opened the drawers and decided to let you take a peek into my world 'o yarn.

Here is the yarn that I moved into the extra bedroom:

Now for the living room yarn:

These next two are the same drawer. The second picture is with the undyed wool out of the way:

This is a half finished scarf that I am keeping in the bottom drawer. Just thought I'd take an awful picture of it and subject you all to it. I really like it, however, it reminds me of a stole (ya know like the priest wears).

Well there is my blog for the night. What a wonderful way to get out of cleaning house. Procrastination, it's the way to go.


KelInCal said...

Thanks for flashin' the stash - I needed a little pick-me-up this morning to get me goin'!

Jasmine said...

the yarn in those drawers are those that i bought too... we are into the same color gang here .... i had the shimmer turquoise... undye yarn from KP .... the purple micro spun...(i knit the valentine short from KP) i had the patons green ... classic wool in both colors (red and green stripe)...the red stripe i made a bag...simply soft in the same lilac color...pink one too..and the baby soft in white and cream !!! how weird !!!! lol... we share the liking of colors and texture of yarn too !!!

jeanius said...

my stash is envious! it wants beer too!

jenn said...

When are we going to dye that yarn???