Friday, May 18, 2007

- Charity blankets and their progress

Well the KH charity blankets are moving FAST!!! Here are some updated pictures and info on them.

Blanket #1, Started February 25, 2007, 7 knitters have completed their portions, and the 8th knitter has just received the blanket. Considering the blanket has traveled cross country, from the East Coast to the West Coast, in less than 3 months, we're chuggin' along!!! 7 more people to knit before I get my knitty little hands on it! Here's a picture:

Blanket #2, Started on March 22nd, 2 knitters have completed their portions and the third has received it. Now this blanket had some issues. It traveled to Italy (getting lost there on the way to Canada), and turned into a purple singing monkey. When it finally found it's way back to Canada and was completed, it was driven across the boarder and personally handed off to the third knitter, as we were all a bit wary of the postal service. Here are the latest pictures:

Blanket #3, Started April 3, 3 knitters completed, 4th knitter has received the blanket. It is in Baltimore, Maryland right now! There are no updated pictures yet. 11 more knitters to go 'til I get a turn on those size 8 cirs!

Blanket #4, Started May 1, 2 knitters done, 3rd knitter received the blanket. Here's a picture:

Blanket 5, not started yet, there are 13 knitters needed out of 25 total....It'll start soon and begin it's trek 'round the North American continent.

In addition to the blankets, there are various Oddball Charity Shawls going round the USA, thanks to the wonderful men and women of KH !!! Yup, we've got the best group around!! And we're co-ed, HA, take that all you who think "I thought only grandma's knit."