Monday, May 7, 2007

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I think languages are interesting. How they influence how you think of things. I think this is something that most people don't think about. I mean, if you spoke Spanish, and everything is either male of female how would that influence how you think? I also wonder how this language would cause you to think. It's a language that consists completely of whistling. I think it's amazing how the human brain works. A language that is completely would come up with something like that?

This article says basically we are loosing many ancient languages at a rate of once a fortnight. I think that's terrible. I mean what kind of knowledge have we lost, or are going to loose because of this. One of the beauties of the world is the diversity that is present. Differing cultures and differing ways of doing things are being lost/overlooked/dismissed. I think that is really sad.

In some respects it would be cool to be able to converse with anyone, but at the same time I think we'd loose something if everyone in the world spoke the same, thought the same, etc. I'm just kind of wondering what others think about this.

I know there are a lot of people in the USA who think there should be an "official" language, honestly, I don't know how I feel about that. In some respects it's hard to have a national identity without something tying people together, and a common language would do that. But it also IMHO kind of goes against the whole 'idea' of the US. A place where you can go to be who you are, where all are equal despite differences. Now I know that is the ideal, and the reality often falls short.

I know I've kind of drifted from the original topic of languages. But sometimes I'm encouraged by the way things are going as far as acceptance, change, appreciating diversity. Then other times I'm highly discouraged. I'm seeing a definite rift developing in the country, extremely "liberal" versus "conservative". I put those in quotes, because I think the terms themselves are silly. In the media if you are pro gay marriage you are termed "liberal" and "anti god", however, if you are against gay marriage you are termed "conservative" and a "bible thumper". I think those are such generalizations. I know quite a few people who are super duper "conservative" and could care less about God and church, or whether or not gays get married. Then again I know many "liberals" who are church goes, and don't feel that gays need to be allowed to marry, but maybe think they should be covered under hate crime laws.

Perhaps I'm seeing divisions in the country more as I get older, and pay more attention....who knows. Ok well I'm done with my little rant, and I know it kind of transformed from one topic to a few different topics, but hey, I go where my brain takes me. For some reason today it took me from languages, to politics.

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ILovely said...

My father was Pennsylvania Dutch. His parents and siblings spoke a version of German mixed with English. Do you remember a short-lived show on UPN called Amish in the City? THAT is the language they spoke.

We - the grand and great-grandchildren - no longer do. I think the fact that we're spread across the country now instead of next door or down the street has something to do with it.

I agree with you about multiple languages and diversity. Switzerland has FOUR official languages and they seem to get on just fine.

DIVERSITY is what ties this country together. It's like a beautiful quilt -- or afghan made from scraps ;)