Wednesday, May 30, 2007

- Got my ticketts!

I got my tickets for the 150 Anniversary get together for the Mountain Meadow Massacre!!!!!! My mom got them, which is ever so nice of her, and I will be going in September. One of the orginizations that is hosting the event is the Mountain Meadow Massacre Association, one is the Mountian Meadow Descentant's Association.

Wikipedia has quite a bit of information on the Massacre.

This article is quite interesting and I think is something that everyone should read.

Here is a list of links to different newpaper accounts of the massacre from the 1800's.

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Johnny Boy said...

Interesting that a movie on the MMM is going to come out Very Soon Now. And it's not going to paint the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of that time in a very good light.

An article in either the LA Times or the NY Times said that the LDS Church, which has some control over the site and the cairn which forms the primary monument, is unwilling to give control of it over to the Federal government. They say they provide free access, restrooms, and make it generally available. That's certainly a start. Land only 25 miles from the beautiful retirement community of St. George would be ripe for redevelopment, so just by keeping it undeveloped they are demonstrating a degree of reverence. Give them points for that.