Wednesday, May 16, 2007

- I've been randomly tagged!

I was just 'tagged' by Marigold. What does that mean you ask? I have to reveal 8 random things about myself, and then 'tag' 8 people. So here goes:

1) I just got my ear pierced again on Sunday.

2) My hair is really long, and sometimes I sit on it. (yeah, not on purp

3) I think cucumbers are the devil's food and won't allow them into my house.

4) I've worked in a restaurant, mechanic shop, video store, personal injury lawyer's office, probate lawyer's office, as a church secretary and worked in a public defender's office.

5) I'm certified to teach community CPR/First Aid/AED, and do it for free for the Red Cross.

6) I don't like the taste of black licorice, in fact it makes me want to throw up.

7) I've never seen any of the Rambo movies, Goonies, Gremlins, the only Molly Ringwald movie I've ever seen is "The Breakfast Club", and I grew up in the 1980's-1990's.

8) My eyes have a snake skin pattern in them, not the normal starburst pattern that the majority of the world has, and it freaks people out.

The following people have been tagged:

Constant Evolution
Good girl lit
Kestrel's Nemesis
Stitches and Stories


Marigold said...

Okay, the eye thing is way cool!

Lick My Sticks said...

Done! Thanks for the tag! I don't think I've ever been directly tagged for anything before.

Anne Dayton said...

Wait, a snakeskin pattern? I think I need to see this.