Monday, May 21, 2007

- KIP (or Knitting in Public)

I love knitting in public. It's so funny to watch people's reactions. You get all kinds of interesting comments:

"Aren't you a little young to knit"
"Wow, I thought only grandma's did that"
"My mom crochets"
"Uh, WHAT?!?! are you doing!"
"Ohhh, I could never do that I don't have the patience"
"I'm not that coordinated, I'd never be able to knit"
and so on......

Ok, I'm not coordinated either, mom sometimes would refer to me as "Grace", in a slightly sarcastic manner. I don't think I have a lot of patience in general. It helps to have a touch of ADD so that you can knit while doing other things...but that is neither here nor there.

I just thought I'd share a little KIP story with ya'll:

On Sundays my girlfriends who knit and I try....I repeat get together and knit at the local tea shop. Well they closed early yesterday, so we went to one of the coffee shops downtown. We saw this lady sitting there packing up her knitting. I went up and asked her what she was making. She looked up and very patiently showed us the shawl she was making. I started asking a few questions, then she noticed my knitting bag, and her animation level went up about 3 fold.

Well, we ended up talking, she invited us to sit down, she took her knitting back out, and she sat and knitted with us for an hour until the shop closed. It was pretty cool....I also told her about KH and all the wonderful people on that site.

I when I first approached her, the smile she had was genuine but slightly strained, and I could just hear her thinking, "Oh, I really don't want to hear it...but someone's interested in knitting, sigh, how nice." When I showed some genuine interest she perked up (it didn't hurt that I had my knitting bag (well one of them) with me at the time.

But I noticed, knitters are always willing...nay, eager to spread the word. The word being yarn, knitting, relaxation....making something with your own two hands. Then I got to thinking, ever since I started knitting I have had a little more patience, I've been a little more relaxed, wanna know why I think knitting has had an effect like that on me? Well good, cause I'm gonna share:

We live in a very different society than anyone in history ever has. Everything is easy to get, and quick to get. People work for a living, but don't always get the feeling of having completed anything. Many jobs are "paper pushing jobs". I think in the past 50 years or so money has become an object just as much as a car or a house. It's not longer something to earn for the family, but something to earn to have.

The people who knit are "throw backs to another time". What I mean by that is we know how to sit down and focus on ourselves, and our needs. We can take the time to relax, and when that time is up, we have something to show for it. How many people these days really make things, do things, and/or have an appreciation for the work that goes into a simple scarf or mitten. The understanding knitters have for the time it takes to learn to knit, to become good and comfortable in our 'hobby' makes us appreciate the other things in life. Family, work, life in general. We realize that beauty comes from work, time and patience. This is not something that is often taught and/or shared with people now days.

Sitcoms wrap up in 30 minute, love stories always have a happy ending, the epiphany always comes....but in reality, if people don't get it now many feel it's not worth the wait.

I think knitters, crocheters, crafters, people who take the time to make something or do something that gives them a sense of accomplishment, that they have to work for, that they can see evolving...those are the people who understand life just a little bit more, and can appreciate the beauty in tough situations.

Ok, well that is my two cents for the day. Fuw, all that thinking was difficult after a long day of "paper pushing." My goodness I can vier off topic quite well can't I. I think it's the ADD talking, although I did better than usual, I at least kept to the topic of knitting....kind of.


gaga said...

Great post. So true.

Marigold said...

LOL! I like the bit about "a touch of ADD". Me too!

Kaydee said...

What a nice post! I had read your post on KH, but it was nice to read your expanded version here. You're very right about it being something we take pride in doing with our hands in a society that wants everything so speedy.