Tuesday, May 15, 2007

- Not much time for knitting

I've been working a ton lately, researching family history, and trying to sleep (which apparently is last on my list of things to do, grrrr). So I haven't had much time for knitting. I'm trying to get some knitting in as I can, but all I'm managing is 3-4 rows here, 1 row there. It's kind of frustrating, scratch that, it's really frustrating. 24 hours in a day is NOT enough. Hmmm, perhaps time management is something I need to look into.

I think I was born without time sense (just like I was born with a severe lack of directional skills, spatial skills, and an understanding of the difference between left and right) I'm the kind of person who will have 2 free hours and think, "Hey, I can go catch a movie." <---uhhh, no, I forget about drive time, etc.... But I have found out all kinds of interesting stuff about my family history of late. Here's what I got:
William Henry and Emberson Milum Tackitt were two of the 17 children left alive after the MMM (Mountain Meadow Massacre). Their father (Pleasant Tackitt) their mother (Armilda Miller Tackitt), some bothers and sisters were all killed. In addition to their mother, father, and siblings, their grandmother (Cynthia Jones/Tackitt) was killed. She was Pleasant's mother. His sister (Eloha Angeline Tackitt) her husband (John Milum Jones) and brother-in-law (Newton Jones) were killed, but their son Felix Marion Jones, and their daughter Sophronia Jones survived.
Also, Armilda's (either brother or uncle) Josiah Miller and his wife were killed, but their two sons, John Calvin Jones and Joseph William (Tillman) Jones survived. I was related to quite a few more people on the Fancher/Baker wagon train than I thought. I've also been talking to some 'cousins' online. People who share a common ancestor with me back to 1790, and one of them sent me a picture of my great-great grandfather's (William Henry Tackitt) gravestone!!! How interesting....well for me....probably not for anyone else. But here it is:

I also found out that our family has survived more than one massacre....I don't know, maybe we're massacre magnets?!? Is there such a thing? Here is a link to some information about the life of Lewis Tackitt Sr. He and his family were involved in the Fort Tackitt massacre. Apparently, many members of that family were 'kidnapped' by the Shawnee over a 40 or so year period.

I find this so interesting. I'm going to have to keep digging.


gaga said...

Today I finished the last two rows on a baby blanket I started in late December 2004. (OK, there have been successfully finished projects since then). I think 2 rows here and 1 row there is OK sometimes.

wendy said...

Family history is completely addictive! Worse than knitting I think....I've been researching my family (and my husbands) for about 7 years now and I am still finding things that make me go "wow!!!!"