Sunday, May 6, 2007

- What did I do on my day off you ask?

Since I've been working an ass load lately (pretty description isn't it?) and I haven't been able to do anything for myself, clean house, relax, do laundry, read, kick back with the friends and have a beer...I decided, heck, I have one day off this week, rather than do any of the things listed above, I wanted to do something that would give me a sense of accomplishment, without actually REALLY accomplishing anything worthwhile. That way I could feel good about myself, and pretend I'm making good use of my almost non-existent free time. So I knitted dishcloths. One of them was a quick finish (I started it last week), and the other two I began and completed today.

Here is the one I finished up. The pattern is pretty, and easy, just a four row repeat. The funny thing is I know two people from KH who have used the same stitch pattern recently. Well you know what they say...."Great minds think alike".

The next two are the dishcloths I knitted today from start to finish. Supprisingly enough they are the same yarn. The pictures were just taken at different times of day, so they look like to be different colors. Dig the super cool apartment carpet, nice hunh? Anyhow, the choice of letters was not random, those are my I just need to make one with my middle initial, sew them together, and Wuah la...a personalized dish towel....naaah, too much work, I'm feeling very lazy right now. Perhaps because I'm going to have to go back to work tomorrow, when all I want to do is put the covers over my head and pretend it's still the weekend....pretend I had the luxury of a two day weekend. Sigh, pay no attention to my pity party. I'll be done soon.

The color in the "R" cloth is much closer to the real color of the cloths. Well there you have it, how I wasted my day. By "ER".

In case you want to know where I got the patterns used above....For the lettered clothes I got the patterns on this site. She's got some pretty cool patterns. The nice thing is they are simple and mindless. Which is great if your brain is a fried as mine has been lately. The pattern for the first cloth is called the "Little Tent Cloth", and you can find the pattern here. Another great place for patterns is Knitting Pattern Central. You can find a TON of cool and interesting patterns. Some I'm sure you will love, and others you will find hideous, on of those, "What was the designer thinking/smoking/imbibing/ingesting, when they thought that one up?"

Oh, and since I can I thought I'd show ya'll what my next purchase from Amazon will be, (drum roll please), Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter. Oh, yeah, ties my two loves together, knitting and reading....I actually drooled a little when I saw that this was coming out.

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