Monday, June 4, 2007

- Feast or Famine

I know, I know. I don't post for a week, then two in one day. So sue me, I'm a little off today.
So here's the reason I'm posting again. Everyone knows I am a big fan of KH. HUGE fan in fact. The people are great, the ideas and knowledge that float around that place are the best.....ok, I got distracted. Back to the point of the second post of the day. I'm getting kind of excited about a new site, that is not fully up and running, but looks to be very cool if you are into knitting. Ravelry.

Basically it's a site in which you can orginize your stash, needles, patterns etc. online, and share pictures of your work. It looks pretty freakin' cool, and I'm excited for it to get started!

Also I just wanted to show you all this site. I really like her patterns, especially "Matilda Jane". I think it's super cute!

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