Wednesday, July 25, 2007

- and a few outtings

I recently got an invitation to join!!! It's very cool, and I think the best way to describe it is as a knitter's You can enter patterns, yarns, dream projects, view pictures of other's WIP's and FO's, and so many more things. I just got the invite yesterday and will have to play with it quite a bit more, but so far I really like it. But sheesh. I've now got; a blog, a myspace, am a member of KH, and now have a raverly account. No wonder I have no time to knit. :-)

On to personal life stuff. I've been going a lot of places and doing a lot of things lately. Went to San Francisco on 4th of July, went to Turtle Bay two weeks ago, Tilden Park in Oakland, (this is a sample of where I've been going). I wanted to post some pictures of where I've been and what I've been doing so people know I've not just been hiding in my house and working my butt off, so here they are.

San Francisco:

My Grandmother's house:

My house about a month and a half ago:

At Tilden Park:

Turtle Bay:

So the above pictures are a sample of why I've been too busy to blog lately! Been seeing beautiful things and spending time with family, BF and friends. Need to take time out for myself sometimes, and not focus on the computer or knitting. But now I've been getting blogger withdrawals and knitting withdrawals!

I am knitting on two different projects lately I'll post a picture of one, but not the other as my yarn swappie might happen across this site, and I don't want her to know who I am or what I am making for her.

So here is the Fiber Trend Clog I am making for BF:

I will be making matching ones for his son, because I think it will be cute. But before I make the kiddie ones I need to make the second one for BF, so both tootsies can be warm in the winter time. :-)