Wednesday, July 11, 2007

- Really out of touch

Hi to anyone who still checks this blog. I've been really out of touch for a while. Almost two weeks now!!!!!!! Life is just moving so fast, I've been traveling back and forth between my place and my parents, hanging out with friends, hanging out with the boyfriend and Little jr. (boyfriend's son), working a lot (still), trying (and semi failing) to find time for has been waaaay to busy lately for any posts.

For anyone who has been following the Oddball charity blankets, you should check out this blog site. It has updated pictures of all of the blankets, and they all look WONDERFUL. I can't wait to participate, and (cross your fingers) life will slow down a bit by the time I get the blanket sent to my house!!! Really, cross your fingers.

Everything is going well, and I'm enjoying myself, when I have that precious all to short breathing space. So I still have tons of pictures I have to post, and things to talk about, I'm just having to save them up until I have more than the five minutes I have now to post.

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