Thursday, August 30, 2007

- Dishcloth patterns, and a bit about knitpicks.

Since it's been so HOT!!! where I live, I've pretty much been knitting dishcloths lately. So I thought I'd post some links to patterns I like, and/or have knitted lately for those of you that are knitting dishcloths as well. Plus, I don't know about you, but I am cheap, cheap, CHEAP, and proud of it. So with the advent of the internet, I am able to indulge my cheap nature with free, free, FREE patterns. Here are my favorite, or soon to be knitted free dishcloth patterns.

Heart Cloth (I found this one on Ravelry my new knitting love)
Lacy Mock Cable Cloth
Round Dishcloth
Another Round Dishcloth
Doily Style Dishcloth You can see a picture of one I knitted here
Double Diamond Circular Dishcloth
Petal Dishcloth
Garterlac Dishcloth
HUGE list of dishcloth patterns
Dishcloth Boutique
Letters, Numbers, and Animals Still the all around best place on the 'net for knitting information!!!!

Herein ends my dishcloth link list for the day. Click as you will, knit all you want. Because as my friends on ravelry say.....dishcloth cotton is not really stash, it's a necessity.

Now for my little bit about I love the site, love the product, love the catalog but have one wish...I wish, OH HOW I WISH, that they would sell a 100% linen or a hemp yarn! They have such pretty colorways, and wonderful prices. (Since we've already discovered I'm cheap, how could I not love a $1.99 wool?) But I really, REALLY want some hemp, linen or ohhh silk. 100% not mixed, but fully 100%! Please knitpicks, I want that yarn!!!!

Oh, and one other thing, I want this book. It's on Amazon too, man every time I look at that book I drool. All of my shirts have little drool spots on them now.

Note to self, stop drooling while drinking coffee, it stains!


Anonymous said...

I can't find the doily style dishcloth pattern?? The link takes you to some sort of search location and I can't find it - please help - the photo you posted makes this one look quite appealing! Thanks! jP

letah75 said...

Here you go.

If you want to find old patterns etc, go to the "internet archives" and put in the address! It'll find all kinds of stuff. Hope this helps.

Doily Style Dishcloth
Deisgner: Unknown
Sent to me by: Sharon
Rating: Medium

Materials: 1 ball 50 gr. Bernat Cotton Yarn. Set of 4, #7 US or 4.5mm needles
Cast on 8 stitches
Divide stitches onto 3 needles. Place marker at first stitch.
Round 1: Knit through back of loop of each stitch to end of round
Round 2: (yarn forward and knit 1) 8 times (16 stitches)
Round 3: and all odd rounds, Knit
Round 4: (yarn forward knit 2) 8 times
Round 6: (yarn forward knit 3) 8 times (32 sts)
Round 8: (yarn forward knit 4) 8 times (40 sts)
Round 10: (yarn forward knit 5) 8 times (48 sts)
Round 12: (yarn forward knit 6) 8 times (56 sts)
Round 14: (yarn forward knit 7) 8 times (64 sts)
Round 16: (yarn forward knit 8) 8 times (72 sts)
Round 18: (yarn forward knit 1, yarn forward knit 2 tog. Knit 6) 8 times (80 sts)
Round 20: *yarn forward knit 1 (yarn forward knit 2 tog) twice knit 5. Repeat from * to end of round. (88 sts)
Round 22: * yarn forward knit 1, (yarn forward knit 2 tog.) 3 times. Knit 4. Repeat from * to end of round. (96 sts)
Round 24: * yarn forward knit 1, (yarn forward knit 2 tog.) 4 times. Knit 3. Repeat from * to end of round (104 sts)
Round 26: * yarn forward knit 1, (yarn forward knit 2 tog.) 5 times. Knit 2. Repeat from * to end of round (112sts)
Round 28: * yarn forward knit 1, (yarn forward knit 2 tog.) 6 times knit 1. Repeat from * to end of round. (120 sts)
Round 30: * yarn forward knit 1 (yarn forward knit 2 tog.) 7 times. Repeat from * to end of round. (128 sts)
Round 31: Purl.
Round 32: (inc. 1 st in the next st knitway, knit 15) 8 times (136 sts)
Cast off purlways.