Wednesday, August 1, 2007

- DPN's and a Doiley

So I made something on DPN's (Double Pointed Needles)! Not only did I make it, but it came out mistake, that I doubt others will notice. Annnnd, since I'm giving it as a present, it won't bother me because I wont see it (the mistake) regularly.

I made a Doily Dishcloth!!! My BF's aunt is having her 25th wedding anniversary (what an accomplishment!) so I'm making her some dishcloths as a present...hopefully she'll like them. I finished the first one last night, it took a total of 2 1/2-3 hours, not bad for my first true DPN project. Here are some pictures:

I used Peaches and Cream cotton that I bought at a garage sale a while ago. I'm really loving this pattern. I am also excited, because DPN's are something I've put off trying thinking "Oh, that'll be hard". Now that I know I can do it, and do it quickly, I'm vowing not to be intimidated by patterns that I think are above and beyond my skill level!

Oh, and here's a picture that is just pretty:

Just thought I'd add this little random bit of information. These are a few of the search topics in the last month that people have entered into yahoo or google, that lead them to this little corner of the 'net that I call my blog:

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I just found this interesting and kind of varied. It's so funny what lead people to me and my random little thoughts. Here and I thought the only people who would read my blog were my mom and maybe a bored friend or two. But I really think that more people I don't know read my blog than people I do know.

Also here is the breakdown in the last month of places people are from who check my little blog:

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gaga said...

DPNs. Totally freaking beyond me. I read the pattern and had questions on the first line. I did knit a yard-work-grade sweater last winter but other than that have not moved beyond dishcloths and baby blankets.