Thursday, August 9, 2007

- Knitting in Memory

One of the KHer's recently posted that a close friend of her family's lost a baby. Here is the link to the blog about the baby. Apparently the placenta ruptured, and due to oxygen deprivation the baby didn't make it. "itsjustmeghan", the KHer who first brought the family's plight to the KH community would like to do something for the family. She would like people to knit baby blankets, preemie hats, etc. for neonatal babies. She will donate the items to the hospital that Vincent died, in his memory.

Here is a link to the blog she is putting together. As of right now it is under construction, but keep checking back, she's hoping to have it up and running by Monday, August 20, 2007.

I am going to participate in this charity event, and I suggest all knitters find some way to make charity knitting a part of their lives. If you are interested in helping this particular charity, let me know, or you can go to the "Knitting for Vincent" site linked above. I will also place a link under the "Charity Knitting" section to the right of my blog.

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