Wednesday, August 8, 2007

- Oddball Charity Blanket #1

Last night the mailman brought me the coolest thing......the 1st Oddball Charity Blanket!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Here is a picture of it so far:

I think I know what stitch I'm going to use, and the color, but I don't want to say in case KHers are looking...I want it to be a surprise. Also, if I change my mind I don't want anyone to say I chickened out. :-) I've got two weeks to knit three inches, I think I can do that. He he, FLW as my mother would say.

On a completely different note my mom sent me pictures of my great-great grandfather William Henry Tackitt (he survived the Mountain Meadow Massacre on September 11, 1857) and his wife Luvina Harris Tackitt. In addition I have a picture of his gravestone! Interesting to me, probably not so much to anyone else. Anywhooo, William Henry Tackitt was born around 1855 or 1856, he died around 1891, so I'm thinking this picture was taken in the 1880's. How freakin' neat-o.

William Henry Tackitt

Luvina Harris Tackitt

William Henry Tackitt's grave stone
Also the Australian RugzforKidz seem to be going really well. The pictures are beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Letah! We need to hear from you about the blanket. Have you finished your part? The next knitter is dying to add her knitting to it! I hope you're doing well.

- Shandeh