Tuesday, September 25, 2007

- Learn to crochet? Me? Yeah, right!

I'm trying to teach myself to crochet. I tried to crochet what I think was supposed to be a swatch. I started with 12 stitches for the foundation chain, and this is what I got. (forgive the picture, it was taken on my cell at work, and I was trying to keep anyone from seeing me take the picture). The picture is fuzzy, and pretty much makes what I made look like a big candy corn....but here it is.

Apparently I decreased every row accidentally. But as one very sweet KHer told me, at least I did it consistently! Lol!

She also pointed me to a great blog! Craftdaisy has a very cool set of "How to Crochet" lessons. Apparently right now she's also doing a how to embroider lesson. I'm gonna stick with the crochet.

I've also realized what a dink I am. I know yarn, I know different fibers, and I know their properties, YET for some reason (probably the thrifty cheapskate in me), I decided that I should practice with cotton. Since cotton has little to no give, it's probably...ok, definitely... not the best yarn to learn on......ok, I'm gonna go home and play with some Caron Simply Soft. At least it'll have some give to it!

But even with the decreases, and the knowledge that I didn't do it right the first time, my first attempt doesn't look half bad, even fuzzy.

I was going to go home last night and practice (try to make a square instead of a triangle), but that didn't happen. So I figured, I'll practice today at work....yup, you guess it....I left my book and hooks at home. Grrrrr, all I want to do is practice my crocheting. I'm so frustrated.

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