Thursday, September 13, 2007

- My picture in the newspaper

My picture was in the newspaper (the Spectrum) I'm the one carrying the Poteet family flag. In front of me are the Miller cousins. We were realated to the Tackitts, Millers, Jones', Camerons and Poteets on the wagon train that was traveling from Arkansas to California. On September 11, 1857 (the original Sept. 11th) everyone, except 17 children) were massacred my Mormons dressed up like Indians (the Paiute).

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, My maiden name was Rachelle Louella Poteet. I was looking for a copy of Douglas' book, and after finding one on amazon for $175.oo I came across your blog. My aunt Maryann has a copy that Doug sold to her in August of 1996. It's awesome! Anyway, I was just wanting to introduce myself. Also, I am cherokee, my grandmother was and she married Elmer Poteet. Looking forward to hearing from you, Email address is