Wednesday, September 26, 2007

- Who said I can't learn?

Topic #1: Crochet and my Progress
Here is my second attempt at crocheting. Again, the picture is fuzzyish, but you'll get the idea. I'm soooooo very proud of myself I didn't make a triangle this time, I actually made a rectangle....AND I still have 12 stitches!!! Check me out I know ONE crochet stitch. I ROCK!!!

So now that I have one stitch down I'm going to try a different stitch. I'm wild like that, don't try to keep up with me, don't try to hold me back!

Topic #2: Tackitt family and descendants

I've met another Tackitt/Tackett family descendant of the Mountain Meadow Massacre. She is descended from Emberson Milum Tackitt, my great-great uncle, and brother to my great-great grandpa William Henry Tackitt.

This is all very exciting. More and more descendants are coming out of the woodwork. Now all I need is another William Henry Tackitt descendant (other than my mother) and a Poteet descendant who knows something about the massacre. Oh, OH, and a Bashum descendant who knows which Bashum was on the wagon train!

I also want to get a copy of this book(The legend of Francis Marion Poteet and the Mountain Meadows Massacre: History of the Poteet family (Unknown Binding). And I would like to meet the author Douglas McEuen .

Topic #3:

I am loving still. It's great for patterns, seeing what other people have done, getting ideas about yarn, etc. Although is still the BEST community on the web. I would definitely suggest both sites. Both have TONS of knitting info, and KH has just added a crochet forum. I think ravelry has more crochet information, but less crochet help.


Anonymous said...

Letah -
If you would like to contact me, I can give you more information about the Poteet-Tackett Train last left Arkansas in 1857 along the Indian line who were involved in the Mountain Meadows Massacre. I am a Poteet and the Poteets and Tacketts were related through their common female line (Basham). I am also a Fancher, but the Poteet-Tacket train was not with Capt. Fancher's Train until they got to Fort Bridger.
Lynn-Marie Fancher

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