Wednesday, October 31, 2007

- Got my Co-op yarn

Two days ago I came home and much to my delight there was a box full of yarn from 100purewool! This wool is soooooo soft and beautiful! I am in love (don't tell the BF, he'll get jealous) he, he!

Anywooooo, I immediately cast on with the Anuk which is a purple and brown mix, and made my eyes water with happiness just looking at it. I cast on Silver's Palindrome Hat and it looks awesome! Of course I'm only 7 rows in, but MAN it looks good. The yarn is going to be sooooo warm. The BF and Little jr. can't keep their hand off of the yarn, which is fine except when I'm knitting (or trying to knit) and they keep trying to feel the working yarn......aaarrrrggghhhhh! Lol, at least they have good taste in yarn. oooooh 100purewool, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.....

Well, here is a list of what I bought from the co-op:

2 skeins of festival
3 skeins of Padua
3 skeins of Anuk
3 skeins of Dorado & Carmesi
3 skeins of Poisen
2 skeins of Mysterious

I will have to take pictures of the yarn, it's so SO beautiful, I want to share it with the world....visually, of course.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

- Things I'd like to know....

On the off chance that someone stumbles onto my little corner of the internet I'd like to pose a few genealogical questions. I know that a lot of people out there are interested in their family histories. Some have some info, others have different info, so I'd like to see if there is anyone out there searching who would like to trade info with me, so here are my questions:


1) Is there an Indian connection to the Tackitt/Tackett/Taggit families other than through Pleasant Tackitt (the Fighting Parson)?

2) Was Pleasant Tackitt (who died in the Mountain Meadow Massacre) a Methodist misister just like his great-uncle Pleasant Tackitt (the fighting parson)?


1) How are they related to the Poteets?

2) Where there Bashums on the train that were killed at the Mountain Meadow's Massacre?


1) Did any die at Mountain Meadows?

2) If some in fact did leave the wagon train prior to the massacre, why did they leave? Were they warned as I've heard?

Jones (from Arkansas/Tennesse)

1) I know nothing about Cynthia (Jones) Tackitt wife of Martin Tackitt....what is her family history?


1) What underground railroad station did they run?

Millers (from Arkansas)

1) Did they have verified Cherokee blood? From everything I know Hugh Miller was full Cherokee as was his wife. There are roll numbers for his children/grandchildren.

2) Why was Emberson Miller hung to death?

3) What is the connection between the Millers and the "Trail of Tears"?


1) Is there a verifiable connection between Alexander Selkirk (basis for Robinson Crusoe) and the Selkirks in the United States?

I know I'll think of many other questions, but those will be for future posts. I have found some family information due to people finding my blog online.

I do know that Emberson Milum Tackitt is also referred to as Ambrose Miram Taggit or Ambrose Miram Tagit, Emberson Milam Tackitt and Emberson Milam Tackett. Due to variations on spelling, it is sometimes near impossible to find info.

Friday, October 26, 2007

- Baby Booties anyone?!?

I decided that while a baby kimono IS an awesome gift for a baby maybe I should make some baby booties to match the awesome little sweater I knit (but still haven't sewn up). So here are a few pictures of the matching booties:

Cute hunh?!? The pattern is from Knitting for Baby, a very easy and quick pattern.

On another note, here are a few links to some cool dishcloth patterns:

Garterlac Dishcloth
Knitting Knonsense
Knitty Chick

OH, and check out Knitting Help and the Knitting Help forum. They've been revamped and are better than ever! And that's hard!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

- Baby Kimono

I finished my Baby Kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting (their website), (the book). One of my friend's is preggers and just found out that she is having a boy. So I made this for her. I still have to seam it up and add the ties, but it's basically done.

I'm also going to knit up some baby booties out of the same yarn (Caron Simply Soft Shadows, the colorway is Merino). I think she'll like it.

Perhaps when I give it to her I will also give her a little bear that she can put it on when the baby outgrows the sweater. Anyway onto the pictures:

Monday, October 22, 2007

- under the weather

I've been feeling under the weather lately. Stomach hurting, feel like I have a final that I haven't studied for. Don't know why, but feeling like that hasn't made me want to post much lately.

So I just thought I'd remind you all of a few movies I loved as a child, and think everyone should see:

Under the Rainbow very funny movies, hysterical in fact. Despite that it was made in the 1980's it's still funny.
The Dark Crystal is kind of a dark movie (hence the name), but still very good. Not for small, small children, but I think 7 and up (to adult) would be good.
La Cage aux folles a french movie that The Birdcage was a remake of. The original is MUCH better, and yup, I saw it when it came out (I was 4 years old). Shocked you say?!? That my parents would take me to see such a movie?!? Then check out this post and see my response. :-)

Monday, October 15, 2007

- How very freakin' cool

At the very bottom of my blog page, you can click on this little box, it's got some green in it, and it will tell how many people have read my blog. I find it very cool that I can see where people are from who check my blog. You can also see how they got there. Someone from France checked my blog, and I clicked on the "how they got there" link and this came up. OMG, my blog was translated into French! How very freakin' cool! I didn't know you could do that. Do I have a French reader? Apparently I did.

My goodness the world is changing.

Funny enough I was having this conversation with the BF last night while driving. I got a DVR from the cable company, and it's AWESOME. I'm not watching more t.v., but I can pause live t.v., rewind, skip comercials, etc. AND I never have to miss an episode of Knitty Gritty! Anywhoo, we were discussing how cool the DVR is, and how much t.v. has changed. I remember 5 channels, black and white t.v., UHF dial, rabbit ears, t.v. stations that weren't on all night, not knowing the Saturday morning showing of Tarzan was in black and white, because all the shows on our t.v. were black and white, and OMG a VCR, NO WAY, beta, no remote (wait, I was the kid so I was the remote), etc., etc., etc. Now I can pause live t.v., rewind it, tape without a tape, high definition, wide screen, DVD's, cable or satalite, 24 hour news, 24 hour trash, 24 hour game shows, etc., etc., etc.?!?!?!?!?!?

BF remembers all that, and we decided that we are glad we had that black and white, rabbit eared t.v., that no matter how well the channel came in last night with the rabbit ears pointed west, you have to re-adjust them today. You re-adjust, asking the person on the other side of the room, "Is that good?", "Can you see it now?", "Is it clear", knowing that you will end up re-adjusting it again in 15 minutes.

Well, we're glad we lived that because man oh man how we appreciate the DVR now!!!

- Knitting versus Crochet

I've found that knitters and crocheters are often at odds. Well maybe that's a bit reaching, but there are very definitely a lot of knitters who "DON'T crochet" and a lot of crocheters who "DON'T knit", and are very serious about not doing the other.

I don't understand that. Knitting and crocheting have a lot in common, they do for sure have their differences, but I've found a definite craft snobbery on both sides. I've found it to be quite uncommon for people to practice both crafts, and I'm curious as to why?

I've heard/read reasons from "______ is easier" or "______ takes more time" and I don't get it. Right now I'm enjoying crocheting. I'm more comfortable knitting because I've been doing it for quite a while, and I enjoy it more.....but then I'm just starting to crochet, and have A LOT to learn still. I want to become proficient/comfortable/enjoy both crafts. What is it that makes people get kind of uptight about it.

I've been asked by many a layperson (HA, Knitting Layperson!, HA) "Are you crocheting?" when in fact I'm knitting and vise versa. I don't get upset or annoyed. Neither do others I know who knit or crochet. But when another person who participates in a "fiber art" asks a knitter "Do you crochet too?" or a asks a crocheter "Do you knit too?", I've seen some interesting, if not rude responses.

I just find it fascinating.

On the personal side, BF got a job and likes it. Woo Hoo!

Friday, October 12, 2007

- My 100th post!

Wow, I who said, "Blog? What's a blog? I'll never do that..." have eaten my FLW (Famous Last Words), have a blog and have now reached my centennial post.

I wanted to share this site, it is very cool, a little disturbing and quite addicting to read. It is called Post Secret.

Basically people send in their anonymous secrets in to the owner of this site. They send in their secrets on a homemade postcard and he posts them once a week...well some of them. There are some secrets that you look at and think to yourself, "Why is THAT a secret?!?" and wonder what kind of family that person must come from to keep such a silly thing a secret. Some of them you read and, "WOW" is the only thing that comes to mind. Rarely you read one and think, "Phew, I'm glad that's not me, what a fucked up person they are."

I also think, "My, oh my, the postman for the guy who runs that sight must LOVE delivering his mail."

There is a book out of these secrets, and notes from people that they've been going into bookstores and putting their own postcard secrets in the books. Wow, humanity REALLY needs to unburden!

- Hysterical blog

I was routed to this blog post by someone on KH. This post about Knit-anon is a too funny post that...uh....doesn't.....hit a nerve? Guess you'll have to ask the BF.

Although, I realized that I as a knitter I am the exception to the rule when it comes to girls and how they feel about their significant others spending their time. Let me explain:

BF spent the other night playing a video game. He asked me about 15 times if I wanted to watch t.v. (which was very sweet). I kept saying "no, I'll let you know when I want to." Now anyone who knows me knows I will NOT be all nice and sweet, "Oh no honey you play your game I don't want to watch t.v." If I want to watch t.v.....I'll watch t.v. Anyway back to the story.

He was playing some racing game, which when he pointed out the rims on his car, or the paint job, or the really cool jump he did I gamely showed my 'interest' ("uh, yeah, those a cool", "oh, those are way nicer than the other ones", "nice jump") and while the graphics were cool, and very well done, eeehhh, a rim is a rim.

But the reason I didn't want to watch t.v. and I kept saying, "Hey why don't you play some more" was his playing time was my knitting time. I got to knit for 3 whole hours.

Now my response to his rims (see above) and jumps, and paint jobs were.......ok, I mean I wasn't jumping up and down with joy over the 5 thingy rims versus the 4 or 6 thingy rims....but I was trying to be 'interested' in it. Now here is an example of me showing him my knitting:

Me: Hey, look at this stitch!"

Him: (quick glance out of the corner of his eye) Uh, yup, cool.

Me: No! Look at this stitch! It's looking so much better, I'm really getting it now.

Him: (quick head turn, and super quick glance) Oh, now I see it.

Me: Do you? This cable looks awesome doesn't it?

Him: (head turn and looks at fabric squinting) Uh, yeah, cables are cool.

Me: Doesn't this pattern look soooooo much better than the last pattern?!?

Him: (looks me in the eye, completely ignoring the needles and fabric) I really don't know what I'm looking at but if you say it's better, than I believe you. But really, I don't know what your stitch is or what kind of cable your using, or any of that. But I like the color of the sting...uh...yarn.

Yeah, we have two different hobbies.

So I guess it's only fair to share his side of it:

Him: Hey, check out the car I just bought, it can go (insert absurd number) miles per hour! And look at the paint, I can change it to ______ color. And the rims! Man, look they have (insert unknown brand here) and....OH, OH _________ (insert another brand name here)!

Me: (glancing up from my knitting in the general direction of the t.v.) Yeah, cool.

Him: No, look right here, I can put (blah, blah, blah) on the car and (blah, blah, blah, blah)

Me: (looking at the t.v. just long enough to convince him I'm interested) Yeah, that's awesome.

Him: OMG, check out this replay!! Oh, OH MAN that is so freaking cool, I just won _______ (insert absurd amount of fake video game money).

Me: It's very cool, but I'm trying to count these stitches right now, so can I look at that stuff later.

Him: How can you NOT like this.....(getting distracted due to the highly intense racing game)....mumble, mumble.

Me: (about 10 minutes later he's still mumbling, and glancing back looking astonished that I'm not fascinated by his racing game) Are you winning? I know you're winning.....(I trail off as I lost count of my stitches, have to stop knitting in the middle of the row, go back and recount my stitches. I regain my count)'re so good at that game.......

Him: Man, you're not paying attention, just knit.

Me: (I hear him say knit and think, hunh, he finnally wants to look at my knitting, he's interested) Hey, look at this stitch! <----- refer to conversation that begins about the middle of this blog post.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

- Most beautiful blanket pattern EVER

This is the MOST beautiful blanket I've seen in a LONG time. It's called the
Burridge Lake Aran Afghan. I really want to make this, but with my knitting/(now crocheting) ADD I don't know if I'll ever finish it. But since it is knit in panels, there might be a way I'll finish it when I'm old and gray.....I'm already a little gray, but I'm talking fully gray!

I found this pattern on the Outlander Fans group on I print screened a list of the groups I am a member of on I love that site.

Here is a screen shot of the few projects I've added to

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

- Books and Fiber Craftaholic

I went to the used bookstore by my office today and found two books that I had to have.

1) Afghans; Traditional and Modern by Bonita Bray copyright 1977

2) Crochet Novelties from Turn-of-the-Century Sources edited by Jules and Kaethe Kliot

Also this weekend I found;

A Handbook of Dyes from Natural Materials
by Anne Bliss copyright 1981

This right here demonstrates my problem. I learn to knit, I buy a butt load of knitting books. I am learning to crochet, I am starting to buy a butt load of crochet books.

Now that I know both, I will have to buy books that include both knitting and crocheting. I am also buying books on dying yarn. Soon I will want to spin, and will buy books on spinning.

I see where this is going. Pretty soon, I will have sheep grazing on my patio, and will want to buy an alpaca or two. I will have to buy books on "What to feed your alpaca" or "Sheep and their applications; other than their wool". Arrrrgh. I'm a book and fiber craftaholic. I need help!!!

Now the BF thinks he is smart. He informed me that triple shelving my books, and having them overflow onto the floor is maybe not something I want to do. He pointed out that there HAVE to be some books I will not read again. Ok, so I realized he was right, so I went through some books (we compromised, I have three large book shelves, I went through the books on one of them) and got rid of some.....well, there still sitting in a box ready to get donated to the used bookstore.

Anywhoo, the reason he thinks he's smart? Now I have room on the bookshelf (well, I can start double shelving again) so I know that means, I must buy more books. Now if anyone who reads this tells him that's what it means, you and I are gonna have a issue. He doesn't need to know that I will be buying more books. Oh, he'll notice eventually, but I'm not gonna tell him. :-)

Friday, October 5, 2007

- Baby blanket coming along

My baby blanket is coming along nicely!!! I am in love. I've realized that it's a lot easier to put down crochet in the middle of a row than it is to put down knitting in the middle of a row.

So here are the pics of what I've done so far:

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

- Making a crochet blanket.

I'm in the process of just "going for it", and I'm making this blanket. It's in creams, and browns, and reddish brown to be added. No picture yet, but that'll come. I'm liking it so far, and am about 22 rows in.

So in less than a week I've practice, and started a blanket. Who said crocheting is hard?!?.....well, in actuality no one said it, I just assumed. But then all who know me, know that I am a walking example of the "you know what they say about people who assume" quote.

Monday, October 1, 2007

- Found....Cherokee information on Miller family

I came across some information showing Hugh Martin Miller and his wife Mary Long or Mary Good were both Cherokee, here is a link. This is very exciting, because it shows roll numbers and all kinds of good information. OMG, this is sooooo very exciting.

It's always cool to find verification of family oral history.

Hugh Miller was the father of Emberson Miller who was the father of Armilda Miller, who was killed at Mountain Meadows in 1857. She would have been 1/2 Cherokee. She married Pleasant Tackitt who was also killed at Moutain Meadows.

I'm kind of wondering if Pleasant Tackitt met the Miller's through his uncle Pleasant Tackitt (the fighting parson he can be found on wikipedia) who was a missionary to the Cherokee Indians.