Tuesday, October 9, 2007

- Books and Fiber Craftaholic

I went to the used bookstore by my office today and found two books that I had to have.

1) Afghans; Traditional and Modern by Bonita Bray copyright 1977

2) Crochet Novelties from Turn-of-the-Century Sources edited by Jules and Kaethe Kliot

Also this weekend I found;

A Handbook of Dyes from Natural Materials
by Anne Bliss copyright 1981

This right here demonstrates my problem. I learn to knit, I buy a butt load of knitting books. I am learning to crochet, I am starting to buy a butt load of crochet books.

Now that I know both, I will have to buy books that include both knitting and crocheting. I am also buying books on dying yarn. Soon I will want to spin, and will buy books on spinning.

I see where this is going. Pretty soon, I will have sheep grazing on my patio, and will want to buy an alpaca or two. I will have to buy books on "What to feed your alpaca" or "Sheep and their applications; other than their wool". Arrrrgh. I'm a book and fiber craftaholic. I need help!!!

Now the BF thinks he is smart. He informed me that triple shelving my books, and having them overflow onto the floor is maybe not something I want to do. He pointed out that there HAVE to be some books I will not read again. Ok, so I realized he was right, so I went through some books (we compromised, I have three large book shelves, I went through the books on one of them) and got rid of some.....well, there still sitting in a box ready to get donated to the used bookstore.

Anywhoo, the reason he thinks he's smart? Now I have room on the bookshelf (well, I can start double shelving again) so I know that means, I must buy more books. Now if anyone who reads this tells him that's what it means, you and I are gonna have a issue. He doesn't need to know that I will be buying more books. Oh, he'll notice eventually, but I'm not gonna tell him. :-)

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