Friday, October 12, 2007

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I was routed to this blog post by someone on KH. This post about Knit-anon is a too funny post that...uh....doesn't.....hit a nerve? Guess you'll have to ask the BF.

Although, I realized that I as a knitter I am the exception to the rule when it comes to girls and how they feel about their significant others spending their time. Let me explain:

BF spent the other night playing a video game. He asked me about 15 times if I wanted to watch t.v. (which was very sweet). I kept saying "no, I'll let you know when I want to." Now anyone who knows me knows I will NOT be all nice and sweet, "Oh no honey you play your game I don't want to watch t.v." If I want to watch t.v.....I'll watch t.v. Anyway back to the story.

He was playing some racing game, which when he pointed out the rims on his car, or the paint job, or the really cool jump he did I gamely showed my 'interest' ("uh, yeah, those a cool", "oh, those are way nicer than the other ones", "nice jump") and while the graphics were cool, and very well done, eeehhh, a rim is a rim.

But the reason I didn't want to watch t.v. and I kept saying, "Hey why don't you play some more" was his playing time was my knitting time. I got to knit for 3 whole hours.

Now my response to his rims (see above) and jumps, and paint jobs were.......ok, I mean I wasn't jumping up and down with joy over the 5 thingy rims versus the 4 or 6 thingy rims....but I was trying to be 'interested' in it. Now here is an example of me showing him my knitting:

Me: Hey, look at this stitch!"

Him: (quick glance out of the corner of his eye) Uh, yup, cool.

Me: No! Look at this stitch! It's looking so much better, I'm really getting it now.

Him: (quick head turn, and super quick glance) Oh, now I see it.

Me: Do you? This cable looks awesome doesn't it?

Him: (head turn and looks at fabric squinting) Uh, yeah, cables are cool.

Me: Doesn't this pattern look soooooo much better than the last pattern?!?

Him: (looks me in the eye, completely ignoring the needles and fabric) I really don't know what I'm looking at but if you say it's better, than I believe you. But really, I don't know what your stitch is or what kind of cable your using, or any of that. But I like the color of the sting...uh...yarn.

Yeah, we have two different hobbies.

So I guess it's only fair to share his side of it:

Him: Hey, check out the car I just bought, it can go (insert absurd number) miles per hour! And look at the paint, I can change it to ______ color. And the rims! Man, look they have (insert unknown brand here) and....OH, OH _________ (insert another brand name here)!

Me: (glancing up from my knitting in the general direction of the t.v.) Yeah, cool.

Him: No, look right here, I can put (blah, blah, blah) on the car and (blah, blah, blah, blah)

Me: (looking at the t.v. just long enough to convince him I'm interested) Yeah, that's awesome.

Him: OMG, check out this replay!! Oh, OH MAN that is so freaking cool, I just won _______ (insert absurd amount of fake video game money).

Me: It's very cool, but I'm trying to count these stitches right now, so can I look at that stuff later.

Him: How can you NOT like this.....(getting distracted due to the highly intense racing game)....mumble, mumble.

Me: (about 10 minutes later he's still mumbling, and glancing back looking astonished that I'm not fascinated by his racing game) Are you winning? I know you're winning.....(I trail off as I lost count of my stitches, have to stop knitting in the middle of the row, go back and recount my stitches. I regain my count)'re so good at that game.......

Him: Man, you're not paying attention, just knit.

Me: (I hear him say knit and think, hunh, he finnally wants to look at my knitting, he's interested) Hey, look at this stitch! <----- refer to conversation that begins about the middle of this blog post.

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