Friday, October 12, 2007

- My 100th post!

Wow, I who said, "Blog? What's a blog? I'll never do that..." have eaten my FLW (Famous Last Words), have a blog and have now reached my centennial post.

I wanted to share this site, it is very cool, a little disturbing and quite addicting to read. It is called Post Secret.

Basically people send in their anonymous secrets in to the owner of this site. They send in their secrets on a homemade postcard and he posts them once a week...well some of them. There are some secrets that you look at and think to yourself, "Why is THAT a secret?!?" and wonder what kind of family that person must come from to keep such a silly thing a secret. Some of them you read and, "WOW" is the only thing that comes to mind. Rarely you read one and think, "Phew, I'm glad that's not me, what a fucked up person they are."

I also think, "My, oh my, the postman for the guy who runs that sight must LOVE delivering his mail."

There is a book out of these secrets, and notes from people that they've been going into bookstores and putting their own postcard secrets in the books. Wow, humanity REALLY needs to unburden!

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