Sunday, October 28, 2007

- Things I'd like to know....

On the off chance that someone stumbles onto my little corner of the internet I'd like to pose a few genealogical questions. I know that a lot of people out there are interested in their family histories. Some have some info, others have different info, so I'd like to see if there is anyone out there searching who would like to trade info with me, so here are my questions:


1) Is there an Indian connection to the Tackitt/Tackett/Taggit families other than through Pleasant Tackitt (the Fighting Parson)?

2) Was Pleasant Tackitt (who died in the Mountain Meadow Massacre) a Methodist misister just like his great-uncle Pleasant Tackitt (the fighting parson)?


1) How are they related to the Poteets?

2) Where there Bashums on the train that were killed at the Mountain Meadow's Massacre?


1) Did any die at Mountain Meadows?

2) If some in fact did leave the wagon train prior to the massacre, why did they leave? Were they warned as I've heard?

Jones (from Arkansas/Tennesse)

1) I know nothing about Cynthia (Jones) Tackitt wife of Martin Tackitt....what is her family history?


1) What underground railroad station did they run?

Millers (from Arkansas)

1) Did they have verified Cherokee blood? From everything I know Hugh Miller was full Cherokee as was his wife. There are roll numbers for his children/grandchildren.

2) Why was Emberson Miller hung to death?

3) What is the connection between the Millers and the "Trail of Tears"?


1) Is there a verifiable connection between Alexander Selkirk (basis for Robinson Crusoe) and the Selkirks in the United States?

I know I'll think of many other questions, but those will be for future posts. I have found some family information due to people finding my blog online.

I do know that Emberson Milum Tackitt is also referred to as Ambrose Miram Taggit or Ambrose Miram Tagit, Emberson Milam Tackitt and Emberson Milam Tackett. Due to variations on spelling, it is sometimes near impossible to find info.

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