Monday, November 26, 2007

- I'm back and happier than ever!

Hi all (my two faithful readers),
Ok, so the big news before I get to the trip and the knitting.......Drum roll please.......I'm engaged!!!!! My BF (I guess now my fiance) asked me to marry him on Sunday, November 25th(the day I got back from my trip)! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? According to my God sister, our family is not gaining, their finally getting rid of me....she's a brat. :-)

I'm back from my cruise to Mexico! I went on a 7 day cruise with 30 some odd of my papa's family. Ok, 30 of them is like 200 of a normal family. We had a good time, but it was long, and I'm glad to be home....although not too excited about going back to work on Thursday. But not too broken up either. My job is cool, and now that I've had a bit of a break, I'm recharged.

I finished my Sliver's palindrome hat while on the cruise. Here are some pictures:

Ok, I love this hat, its warm, pretty and oh so soft. I made it out of 100 pure wool that I bought through an online yarn co-op.

Now on to Mexico, here are a few pictures I took while on my trip. These are a sampling only as I am a picture taking maniac:

Here are some pictures of the ship and randomness in the ship. We sailed on the Carnival Pride:

This is a towel animal that was left in our room. Every night we had a different animal.

I had my b-day on the ship (32nd) and my whole family sang happy birthday to me. It was cool!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

- Goin' on a trip

I goin' on a trip, goin' on vacation, goin' away from work, WOO HOO!!!!!

I'll get some knitting time, site seeing time, time with my Mamma, time with my grandma, YEE HAW!!!!

Goin' to the touristy towns of Mexico, never been to those, should be interesting. I'm gonna cruise it up, and eat a lot, and relax with family, ALRIGHT.

I resolve not to worry about work, stress over what hasn't gotten done, and enjoy myself. But I'll miss the BF, and the friends....knowing they are probably glad for a little break from me :-)

Perhaps I will finish my hat, or start a new one, likely I won't do either. Maybe I'll find some Christmas presents, but probably not. I'll take a ton a pictures, then forget to upload them for about a month.....I won't have internet access or phone access, I'll effectively be cut off from life and the rest of the world, oh what oh what will I do?

Monday, November 12, 2007

- Debbie Mumm yarn

This past weekend I went down to the Bay Area to visit family and hang out. I FINALLY got to a Joann's Superstore (sorry a "Large Format" store according to the staff). I got to the store thanks to my wonderful Momma who drove me to the store in Fremont. I bought some Debbie Mumm yarn, which is beeeeautiful, and I can't wait to work on it. I bought 4 skeins of Adirondack Brown and four skeins of Robins Egg Blue. The colorways are wonderful, and the yarn is super soft!!!

Now for my rant.....well not really a rant, just something I have to say about Joann's.

1) They only sell this yarn at their "Super Stores". OK, really?!? I had to drive basically 4 hours to get to a Super Store! How stupid? You're selling new yarn, that people are talking about and you only sell it in some stores. I WANT THE YARN IN MY STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to have to drive 4 hours to see some yarn!

2) If you are selling yarn at only certain stores, please stock all of the colors, not just 3. The only colorways they had at this store were the two I bought and Beeswax Cream. REALLY?!?!?!?!?!? It's not even that the other colors were sold out, they had the Debbie Mumm yarn in it's own little corner, and they only had 3....count 'em 3 colorways out of the 6 that they offer online. BUT, they did have a swatch in one of the colorways that they didn't offer. I asked, "Oh, do you have this colorway?" The store employee looked at me in astonishment that I would even ask and said "No, that's just a sample". AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!

3) I e-mailed Joann's and asked them about selling Debbie Mumm yarn at all of the stores, got no response. This is the second time I've e-mailed the company and gotten no response. Nothing irritates me more than a company that says oh e-mail us and we'll get back to you, then nothing. Ok, if you don't want to provide customer service, than don't give that option. Easy Peasy, right?!?!

I'm tired of this era of little to no customer service. Employees of different companies act as though customer service is a foreign concept. That REALLY irritates me!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

- Pictures of my WIP hat (Palindrome)

I thought I'd post some not to good pictures of the hat I'm making. Seriously the hat looks MUCH better in person. I didn't have my digital camera, so I had to make due with an old digital camera that uses floppy disks to save the pics, needless to say, the pics are on par with a gumball machine camera. But here they are anyway:

Oh and visit this site Knittingguy ! MASON ROCKS!!!