Thursday, November 1, 2007

- Cute Cabled hat

Here is a cute cabled hat that "Anise" from KH designed. I just thought I'd share it. I've made a few preemie hats, and am in the process of making Silver's Palindrome Hat, which I am throughly enjoying it.

I also love Silver's Palindrome Scarf, and will tackle it one of these days. They are very cool especially since the cables are reversible.

I also want to make the Odessa hat by Magknits, they often have very cool patterns.

The Kitty Pi bed is very cool as well. If I thought for even a minute my cats would sleep in it, I'd get it, but it's much cheaper and easier to give in to their obsessive love for cardboard boxes. It also frees me up for other projects.

This Pinwheel Baby Blanket is pretty neat. Not the norm but functional. One day when I'm bored I'll probably cast this on.....then shove it in the closet and finish it two years later.

I WANT, nay I COVET the new and oh so beautiful Harmony Needles from Knit Picks. OMG how I covet these needles. There are sooooo many reasons to love these, not the least of which is the cables work with the Options which next to the Addi Turbo Needles are my "most favoritist" needles in the whole wide world of knitting needles.

Oh another pattern that is neat-o is the Retro Throw also from Knit Picks! They are the most wonderfulist place online, next to the KH Forum and Ravelry.

Here is a link to all of the free Knit Picks patterns.

Oh, another thing, to Joann's Craft Store, I am officially outting you as a TEASE!!! You advertise Debbie Mumm yarn yet you don't stock it in my local store! Meanie! I check with you once a week to see if you have the yummy Mumm Traditions in your store. Every time you say "Oh maybe well get it next week." Well it's always this week, never next week! I am not enjoying this teasing, I WANT to TOUCH YOUR YARN!!!!

Ok, well that is enough randomness, I'm out.

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